Dear DDK Stakeholders and DDK Partners, 

Referring to our previous announcement on 6th December 2019 (, we have compiled all of the pending withdrawals report from our stakeholders for our further action. Based on this report there are few actions that has been made by DDK Management team towards this issue.

Firstly, we immediately informed related parties to protect DDK users’ interest such as CoinMarketCap, we can see that CMC has come out with the alert for cryptotraders to be aware on the situation as it could happen to anyone, in which SIMEX does not honour their process. We hope that our stakeholders will be careful when doing the transaction, as we want to ensure that users and DDK majority community interest is serve.

In order to ensure that Simex Exchange will expedite their action towards the pending withdrawal cases, we have send an email together with the analysis to Simex Exchange support team and their Vice President, Mr. Dmitry Chirun to expedite the process and to ensure that Simex Exchange will resolved this problem professionally without compromising the trust and confidence that DDK Users have entrusted them as the Global Exchanges services.

Here is the link to the summary of the withdrawal report ( This report was taken on 6th December 2019 until 10th December 2019. By this report we hope that Simex Exchange will take an action to improve their transaction service especially on withdrawal part. Now, we are waiting for the reply from Simex Exchange team on their further clarifications for DDK Stakeholders to regain their rights and for us to move forward with our planning in providing the best Fintech solution for our community. Any further course of action will be determined by legal team and we will try our level best to ensure that SIMEX follow their duties and responsibilities in deliver their services well. However, we would like to reiterate users to follow below immediate action towards the benefits of DDK users in future.

  1. Please focus on official medial social group registered and established officially by DDK Management for a correct and verified information, directions and updates as below:
  1. To withdraw immediately entire of your asset that has been stored and trade in SIMEX platform until further notice due to questionable credibility of SIMEX which investigated by DDK Management.
  1. Please channel your asset storage and trading with others Global Exchanges platform DDK/DDKOIN has been listed such as at Dobi, Exmarket, Vindax, Finexbox –
  1. For any matters or questions regarding SIMEX, please directly channel to their official support and contacts for tracking your cases and issues officially for the specific official regulators / bodies that monitored them (*if further official bodies investigation is needed*).
  1. Kindly avoid and remove yourself from any FUD information from fake accounts, fake users, and fake news about DDK and its ecosystem. Always directly go to our official channels in seeking updates and latest information.

Meanwhile, we believe that there are more DDK users will be impacted on this irresponsible action made by SIMEX if you are still trade in SIMEX platform since the deposit and trading has not been delisted. Thus, please take an extra care of your assets before you transfer to SIMEX platform as the custodial for you to trade.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated. Any updates and latest announcement will be sent officially to entire of our official channel.

Apologized for any inconveniences.



DDK Management (Legal Team)

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