Dear Trusted Delegates & Stakeholders,

Hope you are doing well while waiting for the relaunching of DDK Main-Net on the Multiplenodes. Here are some official updates that  we  want  to  share  with you regarding  the  current  status. We  hope  that  patience  from entire Stakeholders  as  we  are  working  very  hard  to  conclude  entire  of  our  planning  for  Multiplenodes  to  enable  below features by 28th  December 2018:

  1. 4th voting using 11 Servers of Multiplenodes platform
  2. Staking Rewards Distribution in Multiplenodes
  3. Chain Referral Distribution in Multiplenodes
  4. Installing 8 Delegates by registering according to below Name:
  5. DDK_Indonesia b. DDK_Brunei
  6. DDK_Japan
  7. DDK_Thailand e. TDA_ALL_CREV f.     FEGTEAM
  8. GFAlliance
  9. Universal_UFO

In fact, there will be other remaining features such as below details that will be still in the same function when we enter into Multiplenodes platform:

  1. Unstake features after 24th Vote done
  2. Referral Rewards – Airdrops
  3. New registration
  4. Other features that have in Masternodes should be having into Multiplenodes

Moreover, please be reminded that for this Multiplenodes implementation lead by Ukraine DDK Developer team that we  meet  during  Trusted  Delegates  Symposium  who  have  more  than  20  years  experiences  developing  Blockchain projects and platform. Thus, as per current please aware that we are following Ukraine time and planning to relaunch this Main-Net according to Ukraine time as they are working more than 12 hours per day in order to make sure this planning succeed. Thus we must giving them ample time and space according to Ukraine working hours, therefore the estimation time to relaunch Main-Net MUST according to Ukraine time by 28th  December 2018 end of the day.

In addition for the current Status we have achieved below development thus far:

  1. ETPS Masternodes to Multiplenodes
  2. Fixed Blockchain Blocks (between 10,000 blocks to 40,000 blocks) challenges to make it decentralized from

Masternodes logic

  1. Synchronizing Masternodes TDAlliance1 to TDAlliance3 into Multiplenodes upgraded server
  2. Synchronizing Multiplenodes of 8 servers

However,  we  would  like  to  inform  to  entire  Stakeholders  that  during  the  relaunching  of  the  Main-Net  with Multiplenodes (28th  December 2018), we are going to released only to limited quantity of users/stakeholders of the platform and we are focusing on ETPS Users in order to enable 4th  voting and receives Staking Rewards as below:

  1. ETPS Users migrated to DDK Platform to enable 4th vote
  2. The rest of NEW registered Users

Therefore, there will be impact on the new registered users (NO.2) that still cannot proceed with 4th  voting and other effects detected will update to you soonest possible when we received the feedbacks during this BETA Testing Period. Other than that, there will be Blockchain reloading for the rest of the users to be added into Multiplenodes to do transactions. According to the developer, this process will takes about maximum of 2 (two days). Kindly keep posted on  the  following  date  that  we  are  going  to  implement the  Blockchain  reloading.  It  will  be done  after  Main-Net relaunching because we would like to enable the Staking Rewards distributions  for ETPS Users migrated to DDK Platform (NO.1) first.

Trusted Delegates (TDs) will educate entire Stakeholders on this planning and process to ensure it will be a smooth progress of Main-Net Blockchain in Multiplenodes and to meet the expectations from entire Stakeholders. Kindly refer with  TDs  as  your  channel  of  communication  apart  from  the  official  channel  that  we  posted  in  DDK  Blog  and DDkoin_Official Facebook page.


Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Happy Holiday to ALL! Project CEO

Shuhada Zainal

-DDK Management-

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