DDK is a platform that always enriches its users with new services to maintain a happening community and to satisfy its users. DDK can also be used as a utility token and as small as 0.00001 DDK can be transferred as payment, this increases the usability of DDK. DDK marches on with this plan as we now go live with the option of merchant registration on our website. This service will make use of DDK easier for everyone and reach out our community faster than you think!

A DDK merchants accepted DDK as payment method. All merchants can register in our website, and we will display their merchant’s detail information too. The information included in the merchant database will help the community to find the closest DDK merchants and purchased the products and services by using DDK as the method of payment. In fact, for the ease of communication for the global penetration and marketing with people around the globe.

More benefits can be gained by the merchants that registered as DDK merchants; they will be listed in the DDK website, which it’s a worldwide platform community of more than 260k users with all kinds of businesses involved surrounding with different level of people in our community, as you all know that DDK Website is in the top list of SEO for DPOS community. This will help your products to be viewed throughout the world. It does not end here; in the future, if there are any ideas or planning of a good programs from DDK organizations and partners, these merchants collaboration will be put in priorities.

DDK merchants platform is ready to offer from a wide range of categories for products which include health, beauty, sports, food, fashion, electronics, and many more. To search for a merchant the user will enter their country and the category of product they’re looking for, and a list of all the available merchants will be on the screen right away. The details of the merchant that can be viewed by the buyer including merchant name, founder/owner name, address, phone number, product image, description, and category, and the social media links direct to the pages of the products.

In Addition, on the 19th of October, 2019 an International Blockchain Symposium (IBS 2.0) event will take place at JW Marriot Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. This event will be organized by DDK Foundation to gather all Partners, Developers and DDK Community in one big event. There will be an opportunity given by the DDK Foundation for selected merchants to open a booth during this event. With this opportunity, merchants is able to promote their products or services to the DDK Community who participate during the events and able to use DDKoin as payment method. However, you need to be our merchants with “DDK Accepted” now! ?

To register as a merchant, you need to share your basic demographics, social media links, and minor details about your product. For example, an image of the product, legal certificate, product description, etc. You need to identify what category your product falls in and what country does it belong to. DDK Team will review your submission before it will be display & approved on the DDK Merchant list (24 – 48 working hours). For early bird registration, 200 approved merchants will have chances to avail FREE DDK Merchant kit (Exclusive “DDK Accepted” Sticker) soon and will be sent to your official registered address. Ready to become our merchants and be part of this huge community on promoting your products? End the wait and register now by clicking here.

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