Hello Blockchain Enthusiasts!

Have you fully equipped with Blockchain Technology and Crypto Currencies? How to liquidate DDK to VND? How to fully utilize crypto?

To know more, please come and learn in the Blockchain Seminar & Workshop program for you to get the knowledge and learn more about this current technology & the utilization of Crypto Currencies. The event information as per below:

Date: 1st December 2019

Time: 13:00 – 17:00 (Vietnam Time)

Location: Vissai Hotel, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Pax: 100 Pax Only

Book your slots NOW! Hurry and grab this golden opportunity to be guided by a speaker who expert in their field of Financial technology business, Blockchain & Crypto Currencies world:

1. Dato’ Arai Ezzra (Founder & Blockchain Developer)

2. Ms Shuhada Zainal (CEO DPOS Blockchain Project)

3. Mr Maulana (CCO Exchanger Project)

4. Mr Victor (Master Delegates in DDK DPOS Platform)

5. Mr Eric Vuong (VNDC CEO)

6. Mr Nguyen Phu Quy (VNDC CTO)

DDK and Its Community are invited by VNDC team to their event. This event will organize by VNDC  We would like to invite our community to attend this event.

The seminar is FREE but you’re required to register online for the smooth process of your seat bookings. The seats open for 100 pax only. Click below link to proceed: https://bom.to/tAyWNs

Agenda New Age of Crypto

Opening Speech
Dato Arai Ezzra (DDK Master Founder)

Speaker session:

  1. Mr Victor (DDK Master Delegates) – Introduction Staking Economy & All knowlegde about staking
  2. Mr Hussaini (DDK Manager) – Blockchain Ecosystem
  3. Mr Maulana (DINEX CCO) – Important of Trading & Exchangers
  4. Ms Shuhada Zainal (Project CEO) – Identification of Real Blockchain Project
  5. Mr Nguyen Phu Quy (VNDC CTO) – Evolution in Vietnam Market

MOU Signing between DDK Management & VNDC Management

  1. DDK Management
  2. VNDC Management

Q & A Session

  1. Dato Arai Ezzra
  2. Ms Shuhada Zainal
  3. Mr Victor
  4. Mr Maulana
  5. Mr Nguyen Phu Quy

For Registration Click below link to proceed: https://bom.to/tAyWNs
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