DDK Bounty Team has come up with an idea of amazing online contest that enabling you to showcase your talent by performing amusing little activities such as pictures sharing, create an infographic, article writing and video creation. We are aiming to give some rewards to all our new and existing loyal stakeholders. Come on, let’s participate in our bounty contest, and celebrate the moment.

How to Join Bounty Contest?
Going to kick off from 30th November, the contest is divided into four weeks which are segmented as:

Week 1 (30/11/2019 – 6/12/2019) : DDK Event Photos Submission
Doesn’t matter whether photography is your passion or profession. Just capture DDK event snaps, post them and earn your prize. The process is so simple:

  • Join any DDK event (Education/Training) and capture amusing moments from the event
  • Post your artistic pictures on your social handles with caption about the event on your social media account.
  • Also put #DDKBountyContest and #Photos in the caption.
  • Tag DDK official social media (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter).
  • Your activities and photos will be reposted on DDK social media page.
  • 3 persons with the best photos will awarded with 5 DDK each.

Week 2 (7/12/2019 – 13/12/2019) : Social Media Infographic Submission
You can be a champion of the second week by submitting interesting infographic.

  • Create creative and informative infographic about DDK updates, ecosystem or technology.
  • Post on your social handles with caption explaining the infographic.
  • Add hashtags #DDKBountyContest and #Infographic
  • DDK will repost selected infographics.
  • The best three contestants will get 10 DDK each.

Week 3 (14/12/2019 – 20/12/2019) : DDK Article Submission
Turn your article writing skills into reward via:

  • Write an informative article about DDK and it may be about any topic such as technology, trading, roadmap, product, event or technical part of the DDK.
  • Articles must be in English with at least 500 words with appropriate grammar and must be readable.
  • The content must be original. No copyscaping will be accepted.
  • Post it on your social media.
  • Tag DDK official social media (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) and put #DDKBountyContest and #Article on the caption.
  • DDK will repost the article in blog and three selected contestants will get 15 DDK each.

Week 4 (21/12/2019 – 27/12/2019) : DDK Video Submission
So fond of video creation and editing? Just win prizes with it by following this process:

  • Create max 5 minute creative and informative video about DDK on any topic.
  • Video must be in English and of a high quality (at least 480p).
  • Audio should be clear as well.
  • Post it on your social media with #DDKBountyContest and #Video in the caption.
  • Don’t forget to tag DDK official social handles on the post.
  • Selected video will be reposted on DDK social media page.
  • 3 Winners will be selected and rewarded with 20 DDK each

So, put your mind in gears to earn maximum rewards. We wish you all the best in participating this bounty contest.

Cheers Dears! The Bounty contest will start soon.

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