Dear DDK Stakeholders, Partners, Delegates and Collaborators:

Moving towards Year 2020 planning, there are a lot of new features and functions that will be implemented in DDK Platform for the adoption phase. Meanwhile, during the continuation of the awareness and education stages for entire DDK communities, DDK Foundation team will always put an effort to improve on DDK Technology for the whole ecosystem utilization. Below is the timeline for the DDK Latest Development from DDK Developer for the adoption phase:

  • 1st Phase

4th Quarter 2019 (November, December)

  • DDK Core update
  • QR Code Web – BETA Version
  • Developers Central
  • DDK Virtual Machine – BETA Version
  • DDK Explorer (Latest upgraded Version)
  • 2nd Phase

1st Quarter 2020 (January, February, March & April)

  • DAI Development – BETA Version
  • Airdrop 2.0
  • Redeem Passphrase (New Mechanism)
  • Payment Merchant
  • Send Stake
  • Pending Group Bonus (GB)
  • 3rd Phase

2nd Quarter 2020 (May, June, July & August)

  • Payment Widget for Merchants
  • DAI – Upgraded to an Instrument for fast and simple token creation

*Please note that any changes for the Timeline will be announce in timely manner and any implementations & deployment will be done regularly. Kindly keep posted with DDK official channel for the latest announcement.

Looking at this developments, DDK Developers will work on “Sprint Task” deliverables. Each sprint starts with a sprint planning event that establishes a sprint goal and the required product backlog items. The team accepts what they agree is ready and translate this into a sprint backlog, with a breakdown of the work required and an estimated forecast for the sprint goal. Each sprint ends with a sprint review and sprint retrospective, that reviews progress to show to stakeholders and identify lessons and improvements for the next sprints. Kindly refer to the GitHub link for the progress and latest updates – & for latest version of DDK CORE node release and Code work by developers respectively. As per current situation, DDK Developers are progressing in completing the DDK Core by improving the memory usage, networking, transaction finality, time service and API of DDK Platform. It also includes in developing the groundwork that will needed for further development with features like IPFS file storage and Interchain.

Within the FINAL quarter of 2019, DDK Developers are working on implementation of the QR Code & QR INVOICE in DDK Web Mainnet platform to make it easier for users to make P2P transaction activities. A part from that, Developers also create the Developers Central that can be used to update all the DDK Technical developers code and documents that related with DDK Technical part such as DVM documentation, API documentation, wallet integration manual, node setup manual, delegate node installation and many more to be shared to all DDK Technology users and partners.

Below is an initial prototype link for your references.

Furthermore, DDK Virtual Machine (DVM) is the process of integrating the Ethereum Virtual Machine into DDK Blockchain. It will enable Turing-complete smart contracts and Decentralised applications using world’s most popular language Solidity and its tested libraries to build upon. On the other hand, DDK implementation has a slightly different gas calculation mechanism. In Ethereum, gas is a separate currency, which price is determined by miners, while in DDK the gas price is fixed to the market price of DDKOIN which simplifies operating price calculations a lot.

In Addition, DDK Technology will also come out with the latest DDK Explorer update in Year 2020 where there will be a new explorer interface which looks more informative and better than the current explorer. The new explorer design is clearly superior even if compared with other world industry leaders like TRON, EOS or Ethereum. It consists a lot of new functions such as Market Capitalization, converter in which it will help to convert our DDK amount to USD, BTC and ETH. In addition, this new explorer also will show the top 10 Delegates rank and the number of Votes that they received, “BIDs” & “ASKs” price shown for the ease of trading and etc. This enhancements that we developed is to be competitive in the world of Blockchain Technology advancement with the rapid growing of this technology.

Below is the prototype like for your references on the Latest Explorer –

Furthermore, the implementation of DDK Asset Issuing (DAI) will be kicked-off by January of Year 2020. DAI is a system of token production that is vital for expanding blockchain applications in the industry of Fintech (Financial Technology) services and advanced distributed applications. Through the 1st quarter of 2020 there are few others project and upgraded features that will be implemented such as Airdrop 2.0 with Auto connect Arbitrage System and we also going to open “Passphrase Redemption” with new secure mechanism for ETPS (centralized) users who still have not redeemed their Passphrase. However, please note that since “Passphrase” created by BIP39 Mnemonic code similar like LISK protocol, to generate the character in Passphrase by which it is under user’s custody and please keep it securely. Any loss of the Passphrase key (1st / 2nd) is at your own risk. Kindly do not share with any untrusted person as this Passphrase cannot be changed / reset / altered. You have to alert on keeping it safely as DDK is a decentralized (Open-Source) Blockchain platform.

Once we have done developing the QR Code function in DDK Mainnet, DDK Developers will proceed with  2nd Phase development platform for Payment Merchant. This features will enable and encourage users to utilise DDKOIN (coin) as a payment method in which it will increase the usability of DDKOIN as its nature and character defined as “Utility Coin” and not as Security Token.

On other additional note, we are proudly to inform that DDK (DDKOIN) will be listing in more Market Pairs from additional collaborations and cooperation that have been done by DDK Foundation with a prominent Crypto Exchanges, for the purpose of increasing the Daily (24 Hours) trading volume and coins circulation in order to be impact on the Market Capitalization. We targeted to have a very substantial Trading Volume as well as a high capitalization in order to have a high value of this project for more future positive planning and targeting to have more than 30 Market Pair by End of Year 2019 which as per current we have about 15 Market Pairs from 4 Global Exchanges circulation from ExMarkets, SIMEX, FINEXBOX & DOBI Trade. Please refer as below by ranking as at 18th November 2019 for your references:









Sources by – & (pending FINEXBOX updates)

As a Conclusion, We hope that the process in regular developments for the new function, features and updates in DDK Technology (platform) will run smoothly and can be done within the prepared timeline. DDK Foundation appreciate entire cooperation that was given on adopting DDK platform towards 100% Decentralization and Open-Source Project. DDK Management team and DDK Developers team will always do our level best for DDK Community and Partners in upgrading and improving DDK Technology from time to time in order to ensure that DDK ecosystem evolve in parallel with the mission to be among the best Blockchain Solution Provider in the world.


DDK Foundation

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