Dear DDK Community Stay Active, Stay Protected!

Beware of scammers and forgers.

Following DDK’s spontaneous growth and emerging status, fishers have started falsely representing DDKOIN by faking people via fraudulent social media accounts, websites, and mainnet. They are greasing DDKOIN community via lucrative double your DDKOINs and get amazing rewards messages both via Facebook and fishing website under the title of GIFT DDKOIN. The details are as below:


Stay Alert of these people!

Don’t be the prey of any fraudulent activity.

Only rely on DDK official website and channels for any action and update.

DDK Official Site: to access us.

They also imposter people on social channels via fake alerts and posts claiming an official DDKOIN team. Don’t believe them, report any threatening activity and fraudulent practices immediately to Live Chat Support on DDKOIN Official Website.

We take this matter seriously and ensure appropriate action against such criminals. Our team will soon file a report against phishing to Domain Registrar on this issue as this site is coming from an Indonesian server. Furthermore, we again encourage you to remain cautious of them and other forgers pertaining to false claims to save yourself against identity loss, theft, financial loss, and other damages. We will not be held liable for any claims faking us.

Also, don’t access DDK wallet from any domain other than our official ones:


We also do not reserve any social handles except those as under:








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