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Hope you are doing fine during this pandemic and stay healthy while the recovery period from covid-19 economic globally is on its way.

Previously, in 2019 there was an announcement related to DDK Blockchain Platform is in the process of development for the DDK Core 2.1 that will come out with new features which will give more functionality and scalability to the current DDK Core 1.0 Blockchain.

In addition, as announced, we also have released the DDK Core 2.1 whitepaper in the middle of this year (2021) to ensure that our users have a better understanding about the DDK core 2.1. You may find the whitepaper in our official website or at this link . Kindly do your own research (DYOR) and studies to understand further about this latest technology.

Did you guys realized that the upgraded version of features and functions of DDK Blockchain is for the mission of ADOPTION and UTILIZATION? This adoption and utilization phase is critically needed by entire DDK Stakeholders and DDK Blockchain users as well as cryptocurrency DDKOIN investors in order for this project to be globally accepted and wider the community penetrations.

Therefore, as stated in the previous announcement ( , there will be four (4) stages for the testing phase that need to be performed before it can be officially launched (CORE 2.1 Mainnet) to the public. This testing involves a few processes and procedures that must be carried out in order to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the platform that can be utilized smoothly. Currently, this Blockchain Core 2.1 has been reached only up to the TEST-NET phase which was in the first (1st) quarter of this year and we have also come out with the timeline for the testing period.

However, due to some difficulties during this pandemic and the group of developers handling this development originated from few countries that also had some challenges on delivering it as per scheduled timeline due to covid-19 issues. Thus, we apologized that the time frames have to be dragged from the earlier planning as some of the development of the core 2.1 back-end and tests are taking more time than we expected. We will announce as soon as we receive the latest updates and finalized from developers on the current progress and estimation date that this product will be delivered to the market. 

On the positive note, our mission on the “Adoption & Utilization” phase is not just to stop there while the development of CORE 2.1 is on-going. We are still moving with the plan on expanding the ecosystem as we have collaborated on one solution platform / wallet which is called “Coinbox Finance” (CBF) Wallet ( This wallet collaboration eventually will also integrate DDK Core 2.1 Smartchain once it’s ready. As per current, CBF wallet has been integrated into two (2) Blockchain which is Binance Smart-Chain as well as Ethereum Blockchain. You can also study and do you research on this wallet progress at this link: . Kindly follow their Media Social page as per link here: Also you can watch their live launching on youtube of the Private Sales of CBF Wallet that was held on 14th July 2021!

We hope that from this latest announcement, the entire community and DDK Blockchain platform users will always be part of this exciting journey! Blockchain technology ecosystem is not just about the digital assets investment however it has a broader knowledge that this technology can be offered. On the other hand, our education collaborators, Mutant Blockchain Academy (MBA) will announce very soon on their latest upgraded version module for the community to enhance their knowledge and studies that you can participate with. Stay tuned! Kindly follow this page for more info:

Your Cooperation is highly Appreciated.


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