• ROMMEL SANTOS (FOUNDING CHAIRMAN)                                               

Dear Sir,


With reference to the above matter and the Security Commission Malaysia Investor Alert List (

2.         Please note that any type of promotion of DDKOIN to Malaysians and/or in Malaysia is strictly prohibited without prior approval for Security Commission Malaysia (SC). This includes any type of events, seminars, online and offline classes and any type of direct and indirect promotions through digital platforms, social medias, apps and software.

3.         With this letter, the Company intends to remind and warn that dealings and transacting of digital assets in Malaysia in governed and actionable under their Capital Markets and Services Act 2007 (the Act) and as such should SAM Wallet and its affiliated services is found to be a violation under the Act or any laws, rules, regulations or guidelines, in no event will the Company, its affiliates or service providers, or any of their respective officers, directors, agents, joint venture, employees, or representatives, be liable to you or anyone on your behalf, for any indirect, special, incidental, intangible, or consequential damages, including without limitations, loss of revenues or data, whether based in contract, tort, negligence, strict liability, or otherwise, arising out of or in connection with unauthorized promotions of DDKOIN to Malaysians and/or in Malaysia.

4.         We have never officially endorsed SAM Wallet as a project established with DDK Ecosystem as we have never received your official finalized application under DDK Foundation as per required here ( We reiterate herewith that any losses and weaknesses related to SAM Wallet, its operation and promotions is subjected to your own responsibilities as SAM Wallet is not a part of DDK Foundation planning and roadmap.

5.         DDK Blockchains is an open sourced and decentralized technology, however, transaction of digital assets is regulated in Malaysia and as such Malaysians and promotions of DDKOIN is subjected to the said regulation as DDKOIN is advised and categorized by SC as securities in Malaysia. This shall apply until DDKOIN is hoped to be listed in any of the Malaysia’s regulated Exchanges or once DDKOIN is given green light to be promoted again in Malaysia. In addition, as announced previously (, we have received the Certificates of Trademark Registration for DDKOIN and thus, we will not tolerate any misrepresentation and misuse of DDKOIN logo, marks, or presentations, in which in the event of such cases, legal actions will be taken.

6.         Please treat this matter with utmost importance and urgency as with the issued Investor Alert List, we have work very closely with Securities Commission Malaysia to ensure that users in Malaysia is protected and that comprises of strict monitoring of the DDK Blockchains and its activities. On the same note, it is our responsibility to warn and advise you or any other parties that promotions of DDK without the needed authorization is directly jeopardizing DDKOIN future planning and reputation that may affect not only DDKOIN users in Malaysia but also globally.

7.         Please take the necessary action to IMMEDIATELY STOP the promotion of DDKOIN to Malaysians and/or in Malaysia to safeguards the interests of your users and to ensure that DDKOIN reputability will not be implicated should issues arises in the future due to your wallet operations. We highly appreciate your cooperation to inform SAM Wallet users to follow the direction and information provided by DDKOIN official channel only as long as you accept DDKOIN as the method of transaction in your wallet:

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8.         Please note that this letter will be published in our official channel to avoid any further implications and to safeguard the harmonization of DDK Blockchains, DDK ecosystems and DDK Community.

Your cooperation and understanding in this matter are highly appreciated.



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