Dear DDK Stakeholders,

We would like to inform you about numerous fake accounts found on Facebook that are related to DDK and its exchanges. There are numerous ways of finding and recognizing the fake accounts and they are mentioned in the Facebook Post from DDK Founder. You can view the post by clicking in the link below:

We will continue to highlight and give awareness to all stakeholders about such fraudulent activities and also advise the DDK stakeholders to:

1) Always check the right source before do any transaction

2) Always check the history of the page

3) Always check the real domain links

Also be informed that DDK will NEVER ask you to transfer your crypto assets or we won’t be involved in any such false giveaways and anyone impersonating DDK will try to do that. There are Scammers everywhere on online platforms so please be careful of them and check twice before you transfer any DDK.

DDK Foundation will not be responsible for the privacy, security, integrity, practices and policies of any third-party engagement. We will take legal action against those people who mislead or scam others using such practices.

For more information, please visit our new Domain: (Please note that we have two domains now and both are fully functional and running optimally)

Also, please be informed about our new blog and announcements web-pages links:

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