Dear DDK Community,

We are very concerned about keeping our DDK community safe from scammers and this is why we are always on alert on numerous online platforms.🚨

Recently, our DDK team came across a new account that was conducting fraudulent activities under our brand name and we have made it our priority to highlight that account. Here is the link:

Please note that the DDK Platform has an official trademark and any individual or party impersonating DDK Platform will come under legal penalization.

We request all DDK Stakeholders to REPORT THIS PAGE and stay safe from such scammers. Also please never transfer or send your passphrase to anyone. You can always contact us on our official website or social media platforms mentioned below for any support or query.

Always remember, never send your DDK to any untrusted parties, keep your passphrase carefully, never paste or copy your passphrase on any non-official wallet DDK.

Our official DDK wallet is only stated in DDK explorer page:

All official announcements are mentioned only in official DDK page:

Our DDK forum:

DDK Website:

DDK social platforms








Remarks: DDK Foundation will not be responsible for the privacy, security, integrity, practices and policies of any third-party engagement.

We will appreciate your support against such scammers and do inform us of any fake accounts you came across with our Trademark.

Stay Safe!


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