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First of all, we would like to congratulate entire DDK Blockchain users on the launching of DDK Explorer 2.0 that was officially launched on 29th May 2020. Secondly, we can finally reveal our secret collaboration that has been hidden for a long time: DDK blockchain will launch its first native asset – MAKES (MKS) token, a CoinMargin crypto exchange-based crypto coin which will act as the fuel of CoinMargin Exchange and offer numerous auxiliary utilities such as staking, lending, social trading and more (referral system is LIVE!).

Launch of DDK Explorer 2.0

The hard work from the team of DDK Developers and DDK Management team to ensure that the DDK 2020 roadmap was successfully achieved together with the patience from DDK Stakeholders / users who have been waiting for this latest development to launch. However, due to the pandemic situation that the whole world facing since early year 2020 until current time, we are only able to make the soft-launching (unofficial event) via online in DDK_Official fanpage whereby you can always view the online (during the month of Eid Mubarak) version using this link and the Youtube official launching video consecutively: – Facebook & Youtube . Hope you guys enjoy! ☺

DDK Explorer 2.0 is embedded with Blockchain latest features and disruptive nature of development as presented through this link. You may see that there are few tabs featured in Explorer 2.0 such as DASHBOARD, DELEGATES, TRANSACTIONS, BLOCKS, ADDRESS and more. In Dashboard tab, you are able to search data of the transactions filtered by DDK address, Blocks and transactions. The entire search mechanism is real-time data that embedded in Blockchain. In addition, there are additional information of real-time data of Market Capitalization, Circulating Supply, Total Staked, Total DDK Address, Total transactions, and DDK current price taken from the API provided by DDK Foundation collaboration with

For more transparent experiences for DDK Explore 2.0 features and utilization you may always browse to the links as below:

The other good news is that DDK platform and logo has obtained the approval of its Trade Mark logo from INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CORPORATION OF MALAYSIA (myipo). Here is the official announcement link about this news. The services and products on which the logo will be featured and trademarked with all rights reserved will include Electronic Wallet Services, Payment Services, Electronic Funds Transfer, Lending Services to Merchants Secured by Accounts Receivable, Financial Transaction Services including Financial Services In Relation to Digital Currencies, Providing Secure Commercial Transactions, Electronic Financial Trading Services and all other products created by the DDK Foundation. For further understanding about this certificate obtained and the purpose of this Trademark, you may also read on CEO DDK Facebook Fanpage article.

CoinMargin Exchange-based MAKES (MKS) Token

To add more great news, this newsletter also intentionally announces the latest biggest collaboration of DDK Foundation with the European developer team from Lithuania on our latest Blockchain development. Here we officially announce that DDK has sealed the collaboration with and has launched its first ever project called MAKES (MKS) token. This project is very significant to DDK Blockchain development due to the integration and progress with DDK is involved directly not just through team collaboration, but also DDK Master Founder (YH Dato’ Arai Ezzra) has been involved directly in the early development of whitepaper and on the early phase contributing ideas and solutions on providing the best product to all DDK Blockchain users. Thus, we are glad to also announce the official whitepaper for you to do your due diligence.

CoinMargin is an organizational that seeks to be a registered and fully-regulated digital asset trading platform in Labuan FSA under the name of Blockchains.Inc (LL13368), Malaysia. One of the most highlighting factors that puts CoinMargin in front of other cryptocurrency and digital asset platforms is regulatory compliance. CoinMargin is applying for a money broker licence from the regulatory body of Labuan FSA to conduct Crypto trading activities and it is in the progress of submission and establishment. DDK Stakeholders will always be updated about any further information about this progress in timely manner. According to its whitepaper, CoinMargin team as well has been working with an experienced team which has an impeccable know-how, proven track-record and vast partner network within Europe and Asia. CoinMargin possesses a top-tier Team of crypto professionals, is agile, has fast project execution and deployment with security and improved user-experience always kept in mind. The team developing, deploying and running CoinMargin has vast previous experience in building trading systems, order matching engines, executing order book management strategies as well as building active and conscious trader communities. – Whitepaper page; 7

The best part is that you can start earning referral rewards by inviting people to join the CoinMargin platform! CoinMargin has a 3-level affiliate system allowing you to accumulate and compound rewards from your referrals and the people brought in by them! Use this link to generate your referral code. DDK community are among the first people on the planet to hear the news and be invited to contribute to the project’s success!

Get Started with CoinMargin

Moreover, CoinMargin Exchanges has created it own MAKES (MKS) token and just launched about 2 days ago by ERC223 blockchain technology with the quantity of 40,000,000 token MKS with the $0.10 price per MKS (1 MKS = $0.10 worth of $4,000,000 in total). Given the recent success of exchange-based tokens in the cryptocurrency, we are very happy to invite our community to become a part of CoinMargin journey right from the beginning. The MKS Total Supply is 200,000,000. The unlocked tokens are used for the purposes outlined in the token distribution. The proceeds from tokens sold are used for purposes outlined in the capital allocation.

By October of this year CoinMargin team will transfer MKS tokens to DDK Blockchain Core 2.1 which will be integrated in accordance to our latest Roadmap for DDK Asset Issuing (DAI). Thus, CoinMargin MAKES (MKS) token will be the FIRST token created by DDK Blockchain and implemented using the DAI technology with a Decentralized Staking opportunity similarly as in the success stories of DDK Blockchain Staking economy platform.

In addition, you are also invited to view MAKES (MKS) token distribution and capital allocation here presented to you transparently.

For the beginning of the token Pre-Sale, it is stated that CoinMargin will be having a 5 STAGES /ROUNDS Public Sale (Pre-Sales) and you as the member of DDK community are among the first people on the planet to hear the news and be invited to contribute to the project’s success! During this period of Pre-Sales there are eight (8) cryptos available for you to buy MKS which is BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, USDC, USDT, VNDC, as well as DDK.

*Charts & Public Sales / Pre-Sales token monitoring will be announced in official CoinMakes dashboard soon. Please note that 35% allocation is taken for the Public Sales / Pre-Sales token each round. Please check at the CoinMakes website for details token distribution.

Therefore, we strongly encourage our DDK community to support this project by registering using this link and there are also affiliate system allowing you to accumulate and compound rewards from your referrals and the people brought in by them! Use this link to check on your CoinMakes Affiliate program. Another good news that will be enable when the system stabilized and running smoothly, CoinMakes will be available for a Real-Time withdrawal that enable you to withdraw instantly! For further information you may also directly reach at their official Telegram support channel & website.

Generate Referral Link

Read MAKES (MKS) WhitePaper

Also view the article below that is related to the official launching of MAKES (MKS) and project that you may added to your research: Medium article & About MKS

As a conclusion, DDK Foundation team has been always working hard to ensure we are delivering the best blockchain solutions platform for your road to financial freedom in cryptocurrency environment and we are also moving towards worldwide favourite crypto project. Therefore, please take your time to watch our Live videos from DDK Project CEO (Ms. Nurshuhada Zainal) explaining how to be part of the DDK community with the World Class Blockchain Platform. It features a very informative session and discusses the following points:

  1. DDK Github MIT License
  2. Mainnet blockchain core 1.0 speed performance
  3. DDK Official Website features
  4. Global exchanges listing platform
  5. Forum DDK platform
  6. Explorer 2.0
  7. Decentralized Staking economy
  8. Airdrop Reloaded Decentralized program (ARP)
  9. DDK Global review and analysis
  10. CoinMarketCap (CMC) data analysis

Therefore, if you have any inquiries related to DDK please go to our support channel and please do not hesitate to directly contact our Live-Chat channel. Kindly get the latest news and updates about DDK Blockchain and please note you are always encouraged to also support our DDK Universal Relief Fund (DUREF) channel by contributing using DDKOIN/s OR you may apply this fund for those in needs.

Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.



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