Hi Everyone,

We are very pleased to inform you that on 22nd June 2020, we have received the Certificates of Trademark Registration for DDK as per previously mentioned in our post dated 25th October 2019.

The certificates have been received from Intellectual Property Corporation Of Malaysia and are completely authentic.

We are attaching the certificates in this announcement so DDK stakeholders can have a look at them and ensure transparency. 

Kindly note that DDK Top Management will not tolerate any misrepresentation and misuse of DDK logo, marks, or presentations, in which in the event of such cases, legal actions will be taken.

The services and products on which the logo will be featured and trademarked with all rights reserved will include Electronic Wallet Services, Payment Services, Electronic Funds Transfer, Lending Services to Merchants Secured by Accounts Receivable, Financial Transaction Services including Financial Services In Relation to Digital Currencies, Providing Secure Commercial Transactions, Electronic Financial Trading Services and all other products created by the DDK Foundation. 

Kindly click on the link provided below to view previous posts on this matter.

Stay strong and stay safe.


DDK management


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