Since DDK Project launched in 2018, this project has achieved a level to be proud of. Clearly, this project is using the latest blockchain technology while the stability of nodes that can be constantly reviewed through ( and the unstoppable support from the community is a key pillar of the project’s success.

The DDK Project is now entering a new phase where this is the responsibility of the DDK Team to help and give back to the community in need. Therefore, the DDK Foundation has established a charity wallet as a platform for charitable work and humanitarian missions. The organization is named DDK Universal Relief Fund (DUREF). This establishment has been formally implemented and can be reviewed on the official DDK website (

DDK main-net accounts have been registered to raise funds to donate to humanitarian missions. As a result, funds for this relief mission will fully utilize using cryptocurrency (DDKoin) and this initiative automatically to contribute to further expand the use of DDKoin worldwide. It is open to all DDK Stakeholders in need. The main objectives of DUREF include:

  1. DUREF establish to cooperate with other NGOs in operating any activities of public interest.
  2. DUREF shall be impartial in supporting and promoting humanitarian mission.
  3. Helps to ease the DDK Stakeholders that in needs while facing some trials and sufferings due to economic downturn.

There are several SOPs that DDK Stakeholders who are interested in applying in this program for help. The charity program will change from time to time based on the current situation. Any further and latest information will be uploaded on the official DDK website ( All applicants are required to understand all the terms and conditions stated on the official DDK website and then the applicant is required to fill up the online application form. The DUREF & DDK Foundation will review the eligibility requirements and determine the amount that shall be approved. Applicants will receive an online application response via email within 7-10 business days.

To start this initiative, DUREF and DDK Foundation have agreed to concentrate the efforts on to help DDK Stakeholders who are affected by the pandemic COVID-19 and the Movement control order (MCO) restriction period, which in most countries has issued a decree for the good of their citizens. Therefore, DDK Stakeholders who interested to apply may go to the official DDK website to read all the terms and conditions before filling-up the application form which will also be attached in the website.

For those who are willing to be donators in helping DDK community by allocating your DDK Staking Rewards as well as Airdrop-Reloaded Program (ARP) rewards into DUREF DDK wallet, please do so with simple steps by scanning the QR code which stated on the official DDK website. In addition, all transaction for DDK DUREF Main-net account is open for public as transparent at DDK Explorer, as below –  (


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