The DDK Platform is always concerned at the well-being of its stakeholders. Communication and information are very important and this is precisely why we always keep all our stakeholders updated about the recent events. This newsletter has been developed to ensure that all DDK stakeholders keep updated about the DDK Platform. The more informed you are of the latest happenings of a platform, the more benefit you can drive from it. We are here to help you reap all benefits the DDK Platform has to offer.


COVID-19 pandemic is causing people to stay at their homes for safety. But that doesn’t mean that stakeholders are limited from everything. Despite the current situation, we are working hard to provide our stakeholders with all the important features of DDK platform. Stakeholders can continue to stake, vote and trade with DDK technology. DDK Foundation urges all stakeholders to stay safe at home and carry out the needed sanitizing procedures.


Here are the things DDK stakeholders can do with DDK technology during COVID-19 Restriction Order or Lockdown period:

  • Communication on strategy through online tools such as Skype, Zoom, Webinars, etc.
  • Learning about trading skills and learn on real decentralized environment and activities as DDKOIN has been publicly traded in Global Exchanges
  • Increase the social media activities and consider updates on how you can get bounty from DDK Foundation.
  • Guide and train your community online basis on how to expand DDK business with Airdrop Reloaded Program (ARP)
  • Earn staking reward on every 4th vote with DDK platform.

Get ready for DDK Halving / Block Reduction soon. Learn how to value your assets.


ARP has launched successfully on 21st February 2020. For more info, you may refer to link below for ARP official announcement:

You also may download ARP BOOKLET for your reference. Kindly click link below:


Keeping yourself updated in latest events is key to success. This is why we make sure to keep you updated on our progress through various channels. Below you will find useful links such as Information for DDK Explorer link, circulating supply (data from CoinmarketCap – CMC) and GitHub Link.


Links to relevant places are always useful. Especially when the links take you to useful information. So here are all the links of the DDK Price listing platforms:


Links below is available as our official website –

There will be few others Exchangers that will be listing DDKOIN soon! Please keep posted at our official page for the announcement.


i) DDK Bounty Program

There are many activities/competition or contest that we’ve plan to all our stakeholders. The current contest that running at the DDK Platform is the DDK Bounty Contest. There will be 4 round for bounty contest. You can find all the details and requirements about bounty contest round 1 on DDK Blog ( Also, please be advised, the due date for the DDK Bounty Contest has been extended to 26th April 2020. Details can be found here:

ii) DDK Universal Relief Fund (DUREF)

DDK Foundation team also has taken initiatives to launched 1 (one) special DDK Mainnet Wallet for DDK Universal Relief Fund (DUREF) to help DDK community during this pandemic situation that suffered from COVID-19. The objectives of DUREF is to reach the entire DDK community to help people seeking help. Under this objective, DUREF shall be impartial in supporting and promoting humanitarian missions. DUREF also help DDK Stakeholders, their families & surroundings groups affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. DUREF will also collaborate with Movement Control Order for the immediate action to kick-off this initiative. We will be accepting cryptocurrency (DDKoin ONLY) as a mode of contribution to raise the fund. As a kick-start of this initiative, the DDK Foundation has provided some allocation for those people in the community that are really in need and seriously affected by this COVID-19.

You may refer the link below:-

In addition, this initiative will be continuing as long as donors & contribution is ongoing and we will ensure that this fund is allocated to those in need especially towards our community. Kindly reached us at our official website in order for you to apply and kindly fulfil the requirements as stated in the official announcement.


DDK Virtual Conference 2020 have been going at full steam during the past few weeks. We have already completed sessions from our five keynote speakers and more sessions are yet to come.

  • In the recent DDK Virtual Conference 2020, Dr. Farrukh Habib, a Shariah (Islamic Law) Advisor, Consultant, Trainer and Researcher, spoke about “Crypto & Shariah Perspective”. He addressed concerns related to cryptocurrencies from an Islamic perspective. It was a great opportunity for all of us to learn about how cryptocurrencies are viewed in Islam, so if you want to view the video, here is the link:
  • In the following DDK Virtual Conference 2020, Mr. Mohamad Idham Md Razak, an Economics Lecturer at Universiti Teknologi Mara, told us about “Digital Activity on Movement Control Order”. It was a very interesting discussion, and you can see it here:
  • Our company partner, CEO of Innovative International College (IIC), Ms Shahawati Umar discussed a topic Blockchain Technology in Future Education. What a relation between blockchain technology and education?  And how its applied? It’s one of interesting topic to be discuss. You can view it here:
  • DDK Master Founder, YH Dato’ Azrainuddin Zainal shared his opinion about ‘Blockchain Technology in a Pandemic Situation’. To view the complete video please use the link here:
  • In the DDK Virtual Conference 2020 sharing session DDK Foundation Advisor, Dr Aimi Zulhazmi (Finance – Wealth Management & Lecturer at UniKL) shared his opinion about ‘Current Economy VS Digital Innovation’ you can view it here:



Here is where you get to know all the enticing deals and the current happenings at the DDK Platform. You can get in touch with the other DDK stakeholders and do so much more! It’s the best place to interact with the DDK Platform.

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This is where you get to know more info about the DDK Platform. Our History, our teams and our plans. Everything is listed on our website. You can also find our Whitepaper there along with our Roadmap, Delegates Monitor and Merchant Register.

Visit DDK Website:


DDK Blog is the place that has tonnes of information about everything that goes on DDK Platform. From regular updates, to information on our social media activity and our upcoming events, you will get all the information you need from our blog.

DDK Blog:


Want to know about all our official and important announcements first hand? If you want to stay that much updated, the best place to go is DDKoin Announcement. Here you will find all the announcements we make along with a record of all the announcements that we have made earlier.

DDK Announcements:


It is where all the fun happens. Our Social Media Channels are not just fast flowing streams of information, they are also the places where all activity happens. If you are active on DDK Social Media, then you enjoy everything that happens at the DDK Platform.

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As it has been almost a year since DDK Main-Net was launched, we are already in the First Anniversary month. It’s been quite a successful year this DDK platform running decentralized and we expect more prosperous years in future. We hope for the best for all DDK Stakeholders and urge you to take an active part on all our activities to get the maximum benefits from DDK Blockchain Technology that we have built for you.

The Month of Ramadhan has started and we wish all our Muslim DDK Stakeholders a peaceful and blessed Ramadhan.  We also hope that stakeholders to stay safe and stay at home during this COVID-19 Pandemic situation.  

These times are hard, but as they say “when the goings get tough, the tough gets going,” we hope that all DDK stakeholders to stay strong and continue your business on our green technology platform that is safe and secure. We are offering the best solutions in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency so make the most use out of them.

All the best & Good Luck.


DDK Foundation Team


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