Hello DDK Stakeholders and DDK Blockchain Users,

Please note that, DDK Blockchain is successfully done the SOFT-FORK process and as per current progress, we are in the stage for Mainnet stabilization of the nodes. Please read as per earlier official announcement link as below – https://www.facebook.com/437883973356520/posts/815446142266966/

During this phase, DDK Management & DDK Developers team are still working on stabilizing the nodes to ensure that you can do transactions smoothly. Kindly check at this link before you make any transactions – https://ddkdebugger.skc.today/node . On the other hand, for the Global Exchangers trading activities can be done as usual.

For your further information, after we had deployed Airdrop-Reloded (ARP) code into DDK Blockchain Mainnet, we are still tweaking to reach at the best stage of Mainnet stability. We are also in the midst of fixing bugs and code under the unforeseen circumstances happen when we launched ARP in Mainnet code. This is beyond our control due to the reason that we have built code for ARP with the new requirements in short period of time as agreed by majority concensus (ended as at 31st January 2020). Thus, we need to ensure Mainnet DDK platform enable this ARP with 100% stability before you can make any transactions related to ARP such as staking for ARP eligibility, rewards distribution for ARP, Airdrop statistics and etc.

Below are the Mainnet DDK NEW link after SOFT-FORK:

1. https://mainnet12.ddkoin.com
2. https://mainnet13.ddkoin.com
3. https://mainnet14.ddkoin.com

These new links launched for the ARP integration and other wallets links that you have been using for doing transactions in DDK Mainnet previously will put on “under maintenance” during this monitoring stability phase until further notice. In addition, you can always check transactions happening real-time in our explorer as below link for your references – https://ddkexplorer.ddkoin.com/blocks

Please be reminded to check on the stability of the nodes during this phase in debugger system as well as the block heights before you making any transactions & DO NOT do any transaction if you see the status of the nodes is unstable.

DDK Developers are doing their level best to ensure that ARP transactions can be done once the stability reached. On the other hand, please take note that our Blockchain is still smooth and running well and we will ensure that entire DDK stakeholders and community will enable to do your usual transactions soonest possible (vote, Stake, P2P). Please keep yourself posted on official channel for the valid announcement during this monitoring phase.

Kindly refer with your Delegates on the promotions of ARP and detail information related to this Airdrop-Reloaded Program (ARP) business marketing.

Here we attached you the video acted by DDK Foundation team as a gift to DDK Community for the Soft-Launching ARP event last night (21st Feb 2020) at Tanjung Golden Village (TGV) Cinema KLCC, Kuala Lumpur ????? – https://youtu.be/vwaPH6fzLKU .
Pictures for the event will be posted soon ?

“Be The Future By Our Innovation” ????

Your Cooperation is highly appreciated & please be patient as we are doing our level best to deliver as per your expectations.

Apologize for any inconvenience and unforeseen circumstance at this moment.

DDK Management
DDK Developers
DDK Foundation


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