Hello DDK Stakeholders and DDK Blockchain Users,

Congratulations that we have successfully done our DDK Blockchain SOFT-FORK process as per earlier official announcement link as below –

However, during this period DDK Management & DDK Developers team are still working on stabilizing the nodes to ensure that you can do transactions smoothly. Kindly check at this link before you make any transactions  https://ddkdebugger.skc.today/node . On the other hand, for the Global Exchangers trading activities can be done as usual.

Please be reminded that this DEBUGGER SYSTEM Indicator is for your references to see when this nodes reached at the “green” color, its indicates stabilization of the nodes.

Below are the Mainnet DDK link after SOFT-FORK done and there will be new interface / UI with ARP integration. You need to clear “cookies” & other sites data as well as clear cached email & files for this ARP to be reflected. Kindly refer with your Delegates on the promotions of ARP and detail information related to this Airdrop-Reloaded Program (ARP):

1. https://newcore-mainnet1.ddkoin.com/
2. https://newcore-mainnet2.ddkoin.com/
3. https://newcore-mainnet3.ddkoin.com/
4. https://newcore-mainnet4.ddkoin.com/
5. https://newcore-mainnet5.ddkoin.com/
6. https://newcore-mainnet6.ddkoin.com/
7. https://newcore-mainnet7.ddkoin.com/
8. https://newcore-mainnet8.ddkoin.com/
9. https://newcore-mainnet9.ddkoin.com/
10. https://newcore-mainnet10.ddkoin.com/
11. https://newcore-mainnet11.ddkoin.com/

“Be The Future By Our Innovation” ????

Your Cooperation is highly appreciated.

DDK Management
DDK Developers
DDK Foundation


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