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Referring to our previous announcement on the 23rd December 2019 ( ), DDK Foundation is glad to announce that we will finally launch Airdrop Reloaded Proposal (ARP) live voting in the DDK Main-Net Platform on  15th January until 31st January 2020.  If you want to avail this opportunity, it is important to reach a consensus of at least 51% of votes from DDK stakeholders within the period given. When it achieves more than 51% of voting, ARP will be launched with the introduction of new rewards with a minimum of 1 DDK Staked for you to enable your new referral link, so capitalizing on this opportunity will definitely be beneficial for you.


After considering suggestions and requests from DDK community in continuing Airdrop rewards, DDK Foundation has initiate the creation of Airdrop Reloaded Proposal. ARP main goal is to help increase the demand of DDK in the market after Airdrop 1.0 ended in December 2019. These rewards will be distributed to the community members for activities carried out on the platform. The airdrop rewards on the DDK platform that will be distributed in DDK Blockchain decentralized manner from this address .

1. Referral reward: This reward is given to community members for referring new stakeholders to the platform. Whenever their new referral member staked DDK for staking, they will receive a 10% from referral staked amount based on the following levels:

2.  Chain referral:  DDK has a 15 level chain referral reward and community members will receive from their chain of referees with 20% rewards. This reward is based on staking and it is received by chain level registered users through their referral links. The levels and percentage received remain the same as Airdrop 1.0. Kindly refer to our official whitepaper (refer to page 29) for levels of chain referral rewards diagram. 


1. Referral reward: New/existing account with minimum 100 DDK new stake. (DDK New stake must be made after ARP is officially launched)

2.Chain referral reward: New/existing account with a minimum of 500 DDK new stake. (DDK New stake must be made after ARP is officially launched)

3. Referral and Chain Referral rewards are AFTER the official launch ofAirdrop Reloaded. The date will be announced soon based on voting result of ARP.

4. With minimum 1 stake, your referral link will be appeared. Your referral link will not appear if your staked amount does not fulfil the requirements.

5. You will not be entitled to your Airdrop rewards and the rewards will not be accumulated if your staked amount does not fulfil the requirements.

NOTE: MIN 100 DDK / Accumulation of 100 DDK for Referral rewards and MIN 500 DDK / Accumulation of 500 DDK for Chain Rewards STAKED amount to entitled for both ARP rewards.

1. Proven track record 100% decentralized since 31st August 2018.

2. Liquidity in Global Exchangers with more than $50k to $80k trading volume daily since June 2019.

3. Delegates, leaders, validators or DDK supporters from more than 5 active countries is involved for DDK market expansion consisting numbers of Asian active crypto traders.
4. Genuity of DDK Technology since Core 1.0 with a clear Blockchain Roadmap & execution

5. With the current progress of Adoption phase, DDK stakeholders will continuously benefit from DDK 100% decentralized Blockchain platform.

6. Expansion of DDK Community will increase worldwide.

7. ARP exclusively introduce DDK community to the Smart-Alliance Program whereby there will be focused group among 101 DDK Delegates combining forces supporting to:

a.  Implement DAI (DDK Asset Issuing) for their token creation projects.

b. DVM (DDK Virtual Machine) Smart-contract for Blockchain projects.

c. Wallet services such as centralized exchanges and asset storage or trading wallets.

d. Education and guided awareness programs held by DDK Foundation.

e. Partnerships of DDKOIN Integration for mass adoption tools such as VISA card, Merchants    and ICOs projects.

f. Exchangers partnership listing for token creation from DAI technology.

8. There will be an exclusive revision of Delegates fees with 2 times (double) from the existing one of 0.001% when DAI and DVM is implemented successfully.

In addition, due to the Airdrop Reloaded Proposal (ARP), we would like to inform that DDK Foundation will organize an event “DDK Technology 2020 Latest Updates Gathering” that will be held on 21st January 2020 in Blockspace, Malaysia. The agenda of the event will be the introduction of Airdrop Reloaded Proposal, DDK blockchain latest products updates, meet-up with ExMarkets team from Lithuania, updates on DDK Foundation business direction and also other DDK partners latest updates. All DDK community are welcome to join us. Seat are limited up to 150 pax only. There are no fees incurred with first come first serve basis.

If you are interested to be officially invited to the event and the day of launching ARP in February 2020 as well, you may register through the link provided below. Kindly refer to our latest poster for more information.

Stay tuned for more official announcements about ARP, details roadmap, events and many activities that related to ARP that will be announced soon!

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