What is Airdrop?

When a crypto organization decides to distribute its coins for free as rewards to stakeholders, it is called airdrop. DDK’s airdrop was started in August 2018 with a total of 900,000 coins. Mainly for DDK platform, there are two types of Airdrops, the direct referral Airdrop, and the chain referral Airdrop. DDK launched a Mainnet Airdrop which has both types of rewards in April 2019.

DDK Airdrop Updates

Out of 900,000 almost 895213 DDK has already been consumed which leaves us with roughly 2400 DDK for airdrop as of 12/23/2019 9:00pm. The per month average of DDK airdrop being consumed since august 2018 has been 59668 ddk. Based on this average it is predicted that DDK airdrop will end soon. We congratulate the stakeholders who benefited from this opportunity. The DDK airdrop was distributed in DPOS protocol in decentralized manner which makes it uncontrollable for third parties. During this time DDK has been listed on global exchanges which led to its trade around the globe. You may click here to check the remaining balance of existing DDK Airdrop.

Since the Airdrop is about to reach its end, it is suggested that you stay tuned for the next announcement of Airdrop reloaded proposal. It will be launched with new rewards and a new hierarchy so capitalizing on this opportunity will be beneficial for you. If you want to avail this opportunity it is important to reach a consensus by getting at least 51% of votes of DDK stakeholders. This opportunity will benefit all the stakeholders in the long run so stay tuned for more updates.


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