Dear DDK Users / Stakeholders & Partners,

It’s been about 6 months that DDK running smoothly in decentralization since our 1st listing in SIMEX with only three (3) market PAIR and now as at November 2019, we have up to 15 DDK PAIR with the collaborations with several Global Exchangers such as DOBIEXCHANGE – , EXMARKETS – & FINEXBOX – – Sources by: .

We have achieved the highest volume of about $400K – $700K within 24 Hour reported by CoinMarketCap. Total Market Cap as at today was $8,524,469 USD with the Market Rank #328 & yesterday change in positive percentage was $0.016026 USD (0.31%) reported by – (19th November 2019)

Therefore, from here we see the potential of DDK Technology and the positive development of this project not just based on one (1) single entity who involves in the journey of this success. It has been always our business model to be in partnership with any potential collaborators which may improves and benefits towards the DDK ecosystem. In Addition, DDK Technology has been established as the TOP 10 Blockchain Solution Provider for Asia-Pacific (APAC) region in 2019 – .

By reinventing community-centric Blockchain ecosystem, we stay relevant within the global market in implementing cryptocurrency utilization by continuous education and awareness events & activities during this early adoption phase. Please also read the article and announcement sent earlier about the latest project timeline -

Therefore, below are several highlights that we need to reiterate and emphasize before we move forward towards Year 2020 enhancement and business strategic expansions.

1) DDK Foundation Project Evaluation Policy – Increase the Value
DDK Foundation is an independent, non-profit and democratic body for DDK community with the mission to promote and support DDK ecosystem, the development, and the education to bring decentralized protocols (DPOS & AEPOS) to the world. DDK Foundation will provide funding mechanism for DDK’s community and to attract community by enhancing and grow open digital services globally.

The funds/grants will be provided for the developers and partners to develop an open and sustainable project or deliver/enhanced the services, while the community will benefit by gaining knowledge of blockchain technology.

Any project that were proposed to DDK Foundation must go through the DDK Foundation council. Foundation Council will evaluate and perform due diligence on the project before finalizing it. Since DDK is a decentralized platform, any project that is using DDK Foundation name must receive endorsement from DDK Foundation council through a proper evaluation policy. Any project which is not evaluated by DDK Foundation is considered as non-partnership relationship to DDK Foundation and by using DDK Foundation name in their promotion is not allowed. However, DDK Foundation always support any positive developments and encourage any genuine businesses within the community.

On the other hand, to emphasize our mission and vision, DDK Foundation is always encourage any collaborations and partnerships in building the ecosystem of Blockchain Technology and cryptocurrency to ensure that DDK technology provide solutions towards the community. In fact, the platform security is our main concern to protect and to preserve. In reality of DDK open Blockchain and cryptocurrency ‘wild’ market due to the early adoption, we know that community behaviours and actions may occasionally followed by FUD –,_uncertainty,_and_doubt OR FOMO – .

Thus DDK Foundation Team with the assistance of legal council will always do our level best to step ahead to ensure DDK ecosystem will always in a healthy environment and positive community harmonization while we are focusing on business expansion.

Kindly refer below for the brief process (Stages) on the policy for DDK Foundation to endorse any of project that establish within DDK ecosystem:

1st Stage – Project Presentation

  • Idea & Scope of project presentations
  • Project goal and mission & vision
  • Project structure and Roadmap
  • Project Team and Developer
  • Due Diligence

2nd Stage – Project Council Evaluation

  • Project Implementation
  • Support & Guidance
  • Decision making & finalization
  • Financial Reporting / Budgeting
  • Disclosure of fund Spent
  • Finalized project planning

3rd Stage – Documentations and Timeline Evaluation

  • Whitepaper
  • Roadmap
  • GitHub (*if applicable)
  • Financial Management Status
  • Legal documentation
  • Risk Management structure
  • Company portfolio – Long run survival
  • Product market fit (PMF) – This section is optional/dependant on the project origins
  • MOU / Agreement

4th Stage – Approval and Grants Mechanisms (Optional on approval)

  • Closeout requirements
  • Encourage inter-grantees company partnerships and synergies
  • Final financial and technical progress from the grantee
  • Follow-up grant or the grant process closes.
  • Reporting to the funding foundation on a scheduled basis

Disclaimer: DDK Foundation have rights to change the process and clause based on its own discretion, any project which has not bound with MOU / Agreement is not considered as our partners*

2) DDK Trademark – Protection and harmonization
We would like to inform that on October 2019, DDK Application Mark under Class 9 and Class 36 has been accepted by the Registry of Trademark of Malaysia and currently is at the very end of the stage of registration Both Trademarks are filed under the name of Project CEO, Ms Nurshuhada Binti Zainal. Kindly note that in response to the above, we will not tolerate any misrepresentation and misuse of DDK logo, marks, or presentations, in which in the event of such cases, legal actions will be taken. We will NOT be liable of any source of information which are not aligned with the DDK official whitepaper and official media channel or announcements.

From this IP (Intellectual Property) Rights accepted for DDK under the definition of:

  1. Class 9: Computer software; computer software for processing electronic payments and transferring funds to and from others; computer software for setting up, configuring, operating and controlling mobile devices, wearable devices, mobile phones, computers, and computer peripherals; application development software; computer software for use in uploading, organizing, downloading, transmitting, manipulating, and reviewing data, audio files, video files and media files; authentication software that may be downloaded from a global computer network and/or recorded on computer media; computer peripherals; computer hardware; wearable computer peripherals; wearable computer hardware; downloadable application software; downloadable mobile application software for mobile devices; downloadable mobile application software for phones and tablets; wireless communication devices for transmission of data, images, audio, video and multimedia content; biometric identification systems; USB sticks; USB storage devices; hard disc storage devices; headphones; MP3 players; DVDs; CD ROM; compact discs (audio/video); compact discs (read-only memory)
  2. Class 36: Electronic wallet services (payment services); electronic funds transfer; lending services to merchants secured by accounts receivable; processing of credit card payments; processing of debit card payments; financial services; financial transaction services; financial services in relation to digital currencies; providing secure commercial transactions; payment authorization, verification, and transaction processing services; exchanging money; electronic foreign exchange payment processing; payment processing services, namely, providing virtual currency transaction processing services for others; currency trading and exchange services; electronic financial trading services; clearing and reconciling financial transactions via a global computer network; providing a wide variety of payment services and providing financial services, namely credit card and debit card processing and transmission of bills and payments thereof, conducted via a global computer network; financial services, namely, enabling transfer of funds and purchase of products and services offered by others, all via electronic communications networks; bill payment services

By this, DDK LOGO are not allowed to be useable by any individual / organization / parties / companies with the intention of actions / design / writing / wording & etc for any wrong doings that against the rights which is false and misleading the laws and regulation even though DDK technology is an Open-Source in nature. This certificate allows the owner of the LOGO to remove / discard / ignore / eliminate & etc those people who fake / not real / non-genuine entity in representing the LOGO and its understanding about the LOGO. However, for any entities that use it wisely in the most benefits way about the technology, business strategies & create solutions from DDK Blockchain to the community especially in accepting DDK (DDKOIN) in their platform as payment method or utilized DDK in a correct way, you are always open for the collaborations and engagements. This Registered Trademark also applied for your genuine business and secure the platform since DDK technology is a Decentralized system that may usable for anyone and its involved asset with values, thus we need to establish a security, stable and healthy environment.

3) DDK Collaborators with MOU & Agreement – Business strategic planning
During the International Blockchain Symposium (IBS) 2.0 event last month (, DDK Foundation has signed partnership certification with ESKA (Formerly known as SK-Consulting), Miranz Technologies, Chakravuyha Software Technologies, and Team.

Moreover, Certificate of Participation signing was made with representatives from Himpunan Pengusaha Muda Indonesia (HIPMI) and VNDC Ltd. In Addition, a certificate of future collaboration session was signed with Innovative International College (IIC) to offer blockchain-related and digital currencies (Crypto) programs / Module that makes it the first local (Malaysia) academic institutions that offered this programs / Module for students to extend their studies into Blockchain courses. With this MOU signing, we hope that DDK and its collaborators partners can create more potential project for future cooperation.

In addition, partners and collaborators were sealed with either MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) or MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) for future development and business strategic planning for DDK ecosystem and to ensure that DDK technology is always at par with other Blockchain technology organizations that have been established in the highly competitive market globally in order for us to be among the best Blockchain Solution provider in the world.

There are groups of developers, academicians, business organizations, Global Exchanges and corporate partners that have engaged with DDK Foundation for the growth of this project. There will be a lot of news, activities and updates that will be announced soon on these collaborations as we are also want to ensure that entire Stakeholders who supports this project feel worth on their every single contributions.

4) DDK Support and official channel – One Stop Centre
For any inquiries on DDK Platform kindly get assistance from our DDK Support team in DDK website, live chat support ( Our support team will entertain all the inquiries from 8am until 11pm (Singapore time).

Please also directly registered and communicate at our open community FORUM channel for any discussions and updates – All of DDK Foundation team will be there for you and we also have active moderators for your ease of communication.

Kindly join DDK community by following us on our social media to get the latest update on DDK. Below is the official DDK Social Media link:
• Facebook:
• Twitter:
• LinkedIn:
• Quora:
• Telegram:
• Instagram:
• Blog:

In Summary, we have created and established several communication channels for you to stay connected with us and to always gained 1st hand information and updates from blogs and announcements.

We would also take this opportunity to apologize for any inconvenience happened and let’s look on the bright side of this platform and its ecosystem that may improve and providing you the best financial solutions.


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