Dear Trusted Delegates & Stakeholders,

This is the current updates as at today from DDK Developer are as below:


  1. Testing the 8 AWS Server 4 under Group Name and 4 under Country Name
  2. Migration of database into Multiplenodes
  3. Re-test after fixing bugs from Masternodes into Multiplenodes


Therefore, DDK Developers are doing their hard work to finalized the SOFT-FORK by next week (The exact date will be announced by DDK Management) after completion of every steps and process mentioned above. Servers that has been installed in Multiplenodes must going through migration of data from Masternodes database. In addition, DDK Developer must ensure bug fixed to be tested again in order to reduce the function instability when synchronization with Multiplenodes happen during the SOFT-FORK period. We really hope that entire Stakeholders always keep posted on the latest update from DDK Management towards this final stage before receiving the Staking Rewards for 4th voting.


On the other hand, some advice for entire Stakeholders, as we are moving towards 100% decentralization on DDK Platform distributed ledger implementations that will be coming very soon, please be reminded when your Staking Rewards is distributed in your DDK Wallet, please be reminded to follow this guidelines for DDKoin liquidation/exchange. There are few mechanisms that you may involve, however please always search and look into the correct channel. Please always do a due diligence and kindly deal with only trusted individual/groups/organization in dealing with BUY/SEL transactions: 


  1. Trusted Delegates (TDs) which they have daily pricing mechanism – Kindly refer to the group established in Delegates ranking that you choose for this 1st time liquidation.
  2. DDK Foundation for public rate/pricing (Only accept BTC/ETH exchange).
  3. Peer-To-Peer (P2P) within Stakeholders who are interested to BUY DDK for entering Staking Contract whereby here you have additional rewards from Airdrops allocation.
  4. DDK Internal Exchanger among leaders who have big community which is not established in Delegates ranking during BETA Testing period.


Moreover, here we would like to share the progress of hard work that DDK Team been done since June 2018 up to September 2018. Kindly refer to the table below for your reference on the achievements that we achieved thus far. This is very important journey whereby every Stakeholders need to have deeper understanding because this development that we achieved considered as the possibilities to increase the value of our coins when we go into Global Exchange and moving towards Coin Market Capped listings.


Stay tuned for tomorrow updates for the continuation of the DDK Platform development from October 2018 as at current date 23rd December 2018 will be presented to you on the next announcement! ???? We really appreciate your patient towards finalization of the DDK Platform migration of Masternodes to Multiplenodes. We must do this together as we are going to be the 1st in the history of a token project who started with high rate/price/value of our token. We must achieved this final phase strongly in order to reached our ultimate goal to be in the top ranking crypto currency price/rate in CMC soon!


Your cooperation is highly appreciated.


 Have a Good Day!

Project CEO

Shuhada Zainal

-DDK Management-



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