Dear Stakeholders,


DDK Management have come across with two articles that was published on 10th December 2018 and 11th December 2018 respectively by “BCFocus” and “Bitcoin Exchange Guide” that contains misleading information, details and allegations on DDK. Here, we would like to clarify that the writers have written up seriously false allegations and inaccurate representation of our team and products where the team have decided to issue official letter to them to withdraw and make corrections where necessary, on those published articles.



Official letter for BCFocus





Official letter for Bitcoin Exchange Guide


With this clarification we hope that, the entire stakeholders take precautions in believing and sharing news, please always practice facts checking and cross refer to the management on your suspicions or inquiries. please ensure that your preferred news outlet possess credibility and provide valid justification.  As you know, All this while, we have been very transparent with everything related to this project. As of now, we are only waiting for the final phase before we proceed to the truly open source project that we have strive for the success.


Best Regards,

-DDK Management-

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