Dear Trusted Delegates & Stakeholders,

We are gladly to inform that now, We have reached one final phase where all blockchain transactions in DDK MasterNode will “Migrate” to Multiple Node DDK. Please be informed that this migration process is needed because of MasterNode and Multiple Nodes cannot work in parallel. We have taken from master node database dump with current actual data and launch our special migration script. This script will copy latest masternode database snapshot for multiple node with current actual data (with all logic) when we deployed the Soft Fork. Then we create a special report that will compare these two dumps and show all of the inconsistent data. After that, we can redeploy Multiple Node network with DDK Mainnet Network.


Multiple Nodes Testnet is ready can be verify in Trello ( ) and now we are focusing on the regression testing, finding bugs/issues for migration from MasterNode to Multiple Node before (Soft Fork) deployment.


With our DDK Testnet Multiple Node is ready, and before we migrate to DDK Mainnet Multiple Node we are encouraged by developers to perform testing of the features in DDK Platform on testnet environment. If there is any error that being found, you may send an email to for us to get the feedback from DDK stakeholders. Here are the features that stakeholders are able to test when Multiple Nodes is deployed in testnet:

  1. The vote count to gain staking rewards in testnet will be reduce to 2 votes only instead of 4 votes in mainnet.
  2. In testnet, stakeholders only required to make a complete 4 votes to end their Staking contract and after the 4 votes, DDKoin in the staking contract will automatically be converted into liquidate DDKoin. While in Mainnet it requires 24 votes to end the staking contract.
  3. On testnet, stakeholders can make their second vote right after 2 minutes without have to wait for 1 week before they can proceed with the second vote.
  4. The amount of maximum vote for 1 account in testnet would be 11, while in mainnet it will be maximum 201 votes.
  5. Can test receive Staking Reward distribution on DECENTRALIZE transaction and Multi Node. (DSTAKEREWARD)
  6. Can test receive CHAIN REFERRAL distribution on DECENTRALIZE transaction and Multi Node. (CHAINREF)
  7. Can test register NEW ACCOUNT recorded in BLOCKCHAIN as transaction on Multi Node.


Here is the link of DDK Multiple Node Testnet that can be used by stakeholders to do testing on the above features.

DDK Multiple Node Testnet (WITH migrated ETPS users)

DDK Multiple Node Testnet (WITHOUT migrated ETPS users)


Based on current progress, we will perform TESTING and SETTING continuously until Beta Test is complete can be monitor from here : .  


After BETA TEST progress is done, the data need to be kept in one place before the final migration happen.  MasterNode need to be turn off which this SOFT FORK process will cause MasterNode to be inaccessible for approximately 48-72 hours. MasterNode will be unavailable after that and all network will be on Multiple Nodes.


After the development of Multiple Node in Soft Fork is completed done, we will have 1 week BETA Mainnet (MULTIPE NODE IS LIVE) for developers, users and stakeholders to test and provide feedback for any improvement or any issue / bug found on DDK MULTIPLE NODE MAINNET. Bounty will be available to any party participating in this voluntary for DDK MULTIPLE MAINNET.

These are the reasons why delegates will not be able to enter into the Multiple Nodes yet. The estimation date for Trusted Delegates server to be installed is depend on how many new bugs will be found by the developers and also how quick the developers will make changes on UI side after Multiple Node launch on MAINNET. Trusted Delegates server from the list will be installed by our developer since they have created DDK Node Controlller (automatic control centre for installation and P2P update for Node) . All 101 TRUSTED DELEGATE servers will begin to be inserted and they will have their own DDK Web wallet (Open Source) in each of their delegate servers as well as the NODE delegate for confirming the transaction. After completing installation TDs as delegates, we will release NODE INSTALLATION for wallet, delegate, explorer, for “PUBLIC” to run their own NODE and hosting any of our wallets, explorers and DDK blockchain nodes in Open Source environment in our DDK Official Github : .


This MasterNode to multiple node migration mechanism contain all discrepancies and all DDK business logic. Hence, if stakeholders have done their 4 votes, he/she will automatically qualified to receive their staking reward on “REALTIME” including Chain Referral Transaction. When Multiple Nodes is launched, these are the features that will be enabled in DDK Platform: 4th Vote, Stake Reward, Chain Referral Airdrop, Send Stake together with features that we have previously ready which is New Stake, Send/Receive liquid DDK, Direct Referral, Airdrop, Vote, Unvote, Refer and etc.


After Soft Fork, All stakeholders can access their respective accounts in the ( . 8 NEW IP addresses for Multiple Web Wallet available for us to access our DDK assets. (New Multiple Node  Web Wallet address will be provided for Mainnet when READY) Users can choose to make transactions from any NEW 8 Web Wallet Multiple Nodes to do their 4th vote and other transaction or using previous address of MasterNode Web Wallet.


To be conclude, we really hope that this announcement has given a clear information to our stakeholder about the current status of DDK Platform. We really appreciated all stakeholders that always give a fully support on this project as DDK Management are always work hard on the readiness of this DDK Platform. For more info please be diligent looking at Trello: or anyone who knows looking directly at code can go to to see the see REPO for DDKCORE and DDKUI.


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