Dear Trusted Delegates & Stakeholders,

With the highest appreciation on your continuous support towards 100% decentralization of DDK Platform with the progress of daily updates from DDK developers (in the Trello link) for the Multiple Nodes implementations and Trusted Delegates (TDs) server installation period, we would like to highlight again that this is an Open Source project. Due to the achievements that we have a huge database of Stakeholders (as per current more than 200,000 users worldwide) whereby majority of the Stakeholders are originated from the Pre-ICOs project (Centralized) migrated to DDK DPOS Platform (Decentralized), therefore kindly be emphasized that Stakeholders must shift your perspectives towards decentralized platform (from centralized platform) and understand the nature and characteristics of decentralization. In fact, as we are committed towards an Open Source projects there will be few scenarios that Stakeholders must aware and we must educate that this will/might/possible/ happen on any Open Source platform. DDK Management is responsible to educate this clearly on this official announcement at this point of time, as major of our challenges and most of the Stakeholders reported (to support team / DDK official Facebook / DDK Forum & other official medium of media social) that they are not IT Savvy and still considered as in the early stage of education in Blockchain and specifically in any Open source project characteristics and nature. We take full responsibilities to educate entire Stakeholders since day 1 (one) of the migration phase (June 2018) with the establishment of Trusted Delegates (TDs) and DDK Management continuously put efforts for TDs to be well trained to understand the process, procedure, progress and DDK project implementations due to one of TDs responsibility is to educate existing Stakeholders towards decentralization knowledge and education and follow DDK Management direction.

Therefore, scenarios as above mentioned are based on the Open Source nature & characteristics that possible to be done from DDK Platform:

  1. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Blockchain electronics projects
  2. Generation of a Smart Contract
  3. Secured decentralized generalized transaction ledger
  4. Enabling Blockchain innovations
  5. Creation of private Blockchain projects
  6. Existence of Blockchains developers using the coding and programming
  7. Decentralized Applications
  8. Programming Smart Contracts
  9. Creation of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) projects
  10. Creation of Crypto Currencies
  11. Creation of Crypto Assets
  12. Other Blockchain projects

Thus, due to the above possibilities as DDK Platform is a Hard-Fork from LISK DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) protocol, please be reminded that there will be future Developers, Programmers, Blockchain enthusiasts, Crypto Players, Fin-Tech Start-ups and Decentralized Business Organizations & etc. will explore and elevate the features and functions of DDK Platform and utilized for their projects. It is the nature of “Open Source” that any of mentioned organizations / groups of peoples / individuals OR companies may utilized DDK platform Core Coding (Code) for their project implementations. On the other note, we really appreciate for those Stakeholders that fully equipped yourself with the preparations of this Open Source project.

However, as we are moving towards 100% decentralization, as the existing Stakeholders you must aware that DDK projects (Registered company under the Singapore Fin-Tech jurisdiction and compliance) is the platform provider and we must ensure that the Roadmap stated in DDK Whitepaper is in progress and achieved. Therefore, as the platform provider, it is a compulsory and it has to be our responsibilities to ensure that we must provide the DDK Platform disclaimer and Terms & Conditions (T&C) before the DDK DPOS Blockchain Network is 100% Open Source when Multiple-Nodes phase finalized and full migration ended by End of December 2018. We have presented a detail disclaimer for the Whitepaper documentations, thus this is a normal procedure for the “Platform” (DDK) to provide T&C for the Stakeholders to clicked “Agreed” whenever you are using this platform as we are moving towards 100% decentralization regardless of any of the features and functions.

This T&C is a supplementary towards disclaimer executions and advance notifications towards entire Stakeholders and DDK Platform users in case in future we have more enhancement and upgrading of the platform and any changes needed. In addition, as the DDK DPOS Blockchain platform provider we must see in a bigger picture of the technology and protocol provided as at when in the need for any modifications and upgrading. For example, for the nearest implementations that is going to be done is the Multiple-Nodes and server for TDs installations. We must take estimation of minutes / hours OR days for the implementations that the platform might be under maintenance / downtime and Stakeholders is temporarily will not be accessing towards the platform and temporary prevented from using the services provided. In the event of those situation happen, DDK Management will be responsible to announce officially in entire official medium or channel of communication for entire Stakeholders and Platform users whenever required.

Moreover, we are supporting 100% on the efforts of each of the countries that we have / will penetrated for a smooth preparations for regulatory purposes. This is for the future regulations implementations and we are ready on a transparency efforts of the platform implementations whenever its needed and required as we are fully embracing the Blockchain Technology in each of DDK projects. We need to understand that, Crypto Currency is not a legal tender (except for few countries that have legalized Crypto Currency such as Japan) thus, most of the countries that have yet embracing the Blockchain Technology fully in their government regulations, we must fully aware that most countries regulators are advising that you need to do a careful and thorough Due Diligence on any projects that you are enter with and it is under your own evaluation of risk in dealing with any ICOs & Crypto Currency projects as it is truly Decentralized platform. Therefore, we also have firmly mentioned from few of our previous official announcement for entire Stakeholders please ensure that you have equipped yourself with the documentations provided from any of Open Source project that you are involved with and kindly do your Due Diligence for any parties involved in the name of our branding and platform. If you do not have interest / keen / agreed anymore in any direction of DDK Platform, you may withdraw from involving on this project. Any “Disagree” towards the T&C of DDK Platform will not lead to an asset refund (*asked by certain Stakeholders*) due to this is not relevant process towards an Open Source platform. This is because, every asset in DDK Platform (in the form of “Staking Contract” or DDK liquid) migrated to 100% Blockchain at its token holders (in the hand of the users) whereby the ownership through secure BIP39 Passphrase authentication. The growth of the community of this Crypto project depends on the earliest members believes and benefits received and DDK Management make a deliberate effort to basically promote the right values and attract the right people in an comprehensive sense and exclusive sense towards this projects.

We are in the efforts of trying very hard to be a Decentralized organization, however this cannot be done when we are the platform provider to be in the inside of decentralization but the Stakeholders are the outside of the Decentralization.  Therefore, every parties involvements towards the success journey and longevity of this project is very important at this stage. Please refer for the entire list agreed by Stakeholders which will be stamped in DDK DPOS Blockchain distributed ledger as below link (Click status tab):

Moreover, our DDK Core protocol for Multiple Node already public in Github to monitor the Soft Fork migration directly on codes :  and this DDK Core has been implemented MIT Open Source license as below link: (Must view in Desktop Mode).

Here we would like to remind Stakeholders to always have a daily updated and progress resulted for the Multiple-Nodes and full migration progress can be monitor in Trello link below: . This Trello link is for transparency of tracking on the development for Soft-Fork (Migration) in order to implement the Multiple-Nodes and installation of the Trusted Delegates (TDs) servers for the DDK Delegates listing and Delegates Wallet. Any official deployment will be announced to entire Stakeholders. On the other hand, you are required to check and verify your Username of the Success migration status to DDK DPOS 100% blockchain based platform from the portal here:

In Summary, we really glad that all of our beloved Stakeholders has come to this stage supporting this project well and continuously giving full cooperation towards the mechanisms and procedure that required for a smooth process moving towards the end of full migration implementations by End of December 2018. DDK Management has been working for so hard in order to not just progressing towards the Roadmap of this project to get it done but also continuous efforts on increasing the DDK Coins value towards promotions, global business penetrations and maintenance of the stability of the value / price in order for you to be one of the Stakeholders of the most valuable and in demand Crypto Currency in any of entire other Crypto project in the world of DPOS Blockchain!

Best Regards,

-DDK Management-


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