Dear Trusted Delegates & Stakeholders,

Please note that below are few updates on the current DDK Platform Implementations as compared to the previous official announcement relate to the timeline as below table:

Firstly, we would like to make a clear clarification towards the progress that being announced from the previous announcement. Please note that the Timeline / Timetable presented is the planning that we have been discussed and agreed between developers, Top Management and other related parties advisory towards this project enhancement. Thus, any planning updates and progress pertaining to the announcement given earlier will be deliver to the Stakeholders from time to time. Therefore, today (21st November 2018) it has come to a NEW progress that we received from developers team recently that we required to update the progress to all of the Stakeholders which have been waiting for this project migration process to reach the end. Below are the updates:

MasterNode ( )
  • Based on the schedule provided, we have Re-launching the KAFKA ( ) Big Data optimization for DDK Platform for Peer-To-Peer (P2P) function.  Currently DDKOIN Master Node is looking stable and we can see that the momentum of transaction on DDK Explorer :
  • We have successfully launched DDK Mainnet starting from 31st August 2018. Latest block size is 591,712 blocks has been successfully created until now. Total transactions that have been done by all users are as many as 1,018,136 transactions. Everyone can refer the public ledger from our DDK Blockchain explorer from here :
  • MasterNode development almost ready. Most of the MAJOR works has been done now. Please refer to the table below for more info on what has been done and what is still pending on MasterNode works. For last 15 days history developer work can be refer from this link :
Multiple Nodes
  • DDK Developer already start the Multiple Nodes testing on 2nd week of November 2018. This is deployment on DDK Testnet environment to check all issue, bugs and check the transaction on “decentralize environment”. All user can try and monitor the multiple server of nodes, all transactions are in sync for all type of transaction that can be review and test from here :

First DDK Multiple Node testing scenario :

Second DDK Multiple Node testing scenario :


  • Thus, we will enter into an exciting week as the ecosystem and cycle of DDKOIN will be completed when Multiple Node is launched soon in Main-Net DDKOIN Platform. All users can monitor the progress and period of DDK Multiple Node from this Trello management : . User also can monitor the work history and progress of MultipleNode, DAI (DDK Asset Issuing) & RPC from this file :
  • When multiple nodes is ready for live on Mainnet, you may choose any of the Trusted Delegates (TDs) name listed in the Delegates DDK DPOS name. Please be reminded that Trusted Delegates is the only mechanism that DDK Management will be acknowledge as we have informed earlier that only TDs establishment is comply with DDK Management agreement. Other than that, delegates existence is not within DDK Management control and jurisdiction. It is always your responsibilities to do a due diligence in order to deal with entity that we are not recognized at our end. Stakeholders must remember that this is an OPEN-SOURCE project and DECENTRALIZED network and platform, thus DDK Management will only liable towards the process and procedure established by DDK Management. Please refer here the latest list of TD (Trusted Delegate) from here :
  • On the other hand, towards the exciting moment of Stakeholders will be receiving the Staking Rewards, there are certain mechanisms that need to be implemented due to the right timing of DDK DPOS Platform already has come towards the end of entire Roadmap (from centralized network to decentralized network) before we release the Multiple Node and ready to go into listing in Global Exchange. Please note that since the early phase of migration (June 2018) we are looking into doing things not just by phases STEP-BY-STEP but MUST consider a careful and thorough implementation to ensure this project smooth running and success for current and future.
  • Therefore, during the couple of weeks we are monitoring the Main-Net Platform with Multiple Nodes implementations and Stakeholders receiving their DDK Staking Rewards by real-time in their DDK Wallet after the multiple nodes implemented in MainNet, we need to allow the mechanisms of P2P BUY/SELL DDKOIN actively in the market within Trusted Delegates (TDs) and Stakeholders as well as within Stakeholders in activities of liquidate the DDKOIN/s. Nevertheless, we have gone through the Migration phase for almost about 5 months currently, after a careful research and development (R&D) and market expansion monitoring from the Education & Awareness activities being done by the Trusted Delegates (TDs) and DDK Management team in order to give a correct education and knowledge sharing about the project and the technology underlying it, we are still in a stable DEMAND and its increasing for NEW STAKING CONTRACT and it is also coming from EXISTING USERS for the DDKOIN in a global market. Therefore, this enable period of BUY/SELL activities within the market is to create a similar momentum that have been created since ETPS Platform success stories in order to fulfil the mission of helping the community economy. Please be reminded that this is based on the statistics that this project platform has increased DEMAND of 30% from the Crypto players and Blockchain enthusiasts.
  • However, DDK Management is always committed towards Global Exchange listing and there will be a good news of our development in Global Exchangers partnerships for DDK Stakeholders in order to increase the value of this project as well as the added value for DDK Stakeholders and DDKOIN price that will be announced during the DDK Trusted Delegates Symposium in Singapore 2018 that will be held on 24th November 2018 (Saturday) at PSB Academy Singapore. We have done the best for our beloved DDK Stakeholders in order to have a good liquidate mechanisms and active Crypto trading platform in order for you to BUY/SELL DDKOIN in the Global Exchange instead of Centralized Exchangers. Thus, on these efforts eventually DDKOIN will be listing in Coin Market Capped (CMC).


Fraction DDK Distribution
  • On the other hand, there will be also the distribution of the Fraction which is less than 0.9DNC/1 DDK from ETPS platform migrated to DDK Platform will be auto-scripted to your stipulated WALLET ADDRESS that you have received your passphrase. DDK Management has started the distribution process of DDK Fraction on 20th November 2018 on “DDK Test-net”. The distribution of DDK FRACTION and MISSING FROZEN will be deployed on DDK Main-net on 21st November 2018. Please be reminded that ETPS account which registered and activated after January 2018 will be imposed for this mechanism (Auto-Script). We will release this Fraction amount of DDK in your DDK Wallet address that have been redeemed Passphrase. Please be reminded that any ETPS Account that registered after Jan 2018 to redeem your passphrase in DDK Platform and kindly log-in as ETPS USER with the correct password to get your passphrase. Please note that when you reset your password in ETPS Platform is not going to be reflected for DDK Platform as you need to reset your password in DDK Platform separately if you need to get reset your NEW Password for DDK Platform and it will be receiving into your registered email.
  • The process of allocation of DDK liquid fraction can be monitor and review from DDK TESTNET EXPLORER : . We will start the DDK Fraction distribution on DDK Main-net on 21st November 2018 that the process later can be review from this DDK MAINNET EXPLORER from here : .
  • We are aware that some members have lodged complaints about missing Pre-Order ETPS DNC migration to DDK and all the complaints have been received and we have released the latest list for 3 things to be done in this process distribution on DDK Main-net migration. 3 groups who will receive DDK in this process can be referred from the following file:
  • DDK Fraction for account registered after 8th Jan 2018 : (Migrate as Liquid DDK)
  • DNC Buyback/Withdraw missing in Pre-order migration : (Migrate as Frozen DDK)
  • DNC Thailand Local System missing in Pre-Order migration : (Migrate as Frozen DDK)


Bounty Rewards Opportunity :

Please always keep posted in our official DDK Forums and official Blogs for any latest announcements and directions. You are now holding your asset in Blockchain and the mechanism of implementing DPOS Protocol need to be understand by Stakeholders for you to ensure that this project will be done smoothly. Challenges and difficulties that we faced throughout the journey of the migration phase has nearly come to the end. We are committed to ensure that this project will be 100% decentralized and every Stakeholders may enjoy the benefits in a Global Scale platform as your supports towards us since Pre/Private ICOs platform. To apply for Bounty Rewards please contact


DDK Trusted Delegates Symposium  :

 On this 24th November 2018 there will be a DDK Trusted Delegates Symposium in Singapore for the purpose of bringing entire Developers that work on this DDK Platform development from various countries to meet directly with TDs that responsible at the ‘frontliners’ and Main Contributors towards the successful progress in educate and giving awareness about the progress and updates related to this migration from centralized Pre-ICOs project to Decentralized Platform of DDK DPOS. There will be more than 10 Developers will be presented directly on the progress and mechanism of Test-Net & Main-Net for TDs to continuously enhance their knowledge to deliver correct information towards Stakeholders. Please also reminded that DDK Platform is not just about DDK Staking rewards but also a lot of economic opportunity which will be ready for the Global penetration such as projects that will be contributed under DDK Foundation and Bounty Programs. All of these opportunities will be presented to TDs and please get the full information from officially appointed TDs.

Below is the Agenda for this Symposium:

In Summary, we will never stop the hard work to increase the value of this project and there will be a lot of excited news coming in for our beloved Stakeholders when we are finally in a global scale project of 100% Decentralized with open GitHub for public. You may start to watch the history of this implementations and start to do research and development (R&D) for a new spectrum of Blockchain Technology in simplifying the environment of coding and smart contract of Asset Issuing. DDK Platform also has create Remote Procedure Called (RPC) implementations that could be using for entire programmers and Blockchain players in distributed network.


On the other hand, we finally seek apologize to entire Stakeholders that this latest announcement could change the acceptance of entire Stakeholders for those who have waited for the Multiple Nodes launching. We have been working for so hard to ensure its going to be released before 24th November 2018 ( As being announced by Project CEO and Founders during the DDK Mega Education on the Multiple Nodes progress) however due to certain decision that has to be made and after a careful discussion with DDK Developers team, we are sincerely to inform and to make sure that this project could sustain and for the future longevity, we need to extend on the Multiple Nodes progress as this is the final cycle to complete the DDK Platform which could be utilize for Global economic benefits. You may also track on the progress as we already go on public our GitHub DDK Core in TRELLO as per link provided above and we also hope that entire Stakeholders could be patient and stay support this project as we are working our level best to make sure each and every one benefited from this platform as we have been successfully done during the Pre-ICOs project. The challenges of this migration and enhancement of the platform from centralized system to a decentralized system (100% Blockchain) will come to the end. We seek your full support as a Stakeholders as the only groups of people currently holding DDKoin/s in DDK Platform, and the only groups of people could make sure that the value of the price of DDKoin will spark the momentum and to make this project succeed. Any feedbacks and suggestions kindly go into our official channel. 


Please refer to below table as well for your references:

Your Cooperation is highly appreciated.



DDK Management

DDK Developers

DDK Founders

DDK Project CEO

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Shahaime bin. Abdullah · November 21, 2018 at 8:16 am

In Shaa Allah saya hadir…!

dato · November 21, 2018 at 8:27 am

bila ddk tersenarai dejat exchanger?

Saiful Islam · November 21, 2018 at 8:45 pm

First of all i would like to congratulate the management team for being transparent about the process that they have been doing so far. As most of us might knew that some of stakeholders expressed their dissatisfaction and disappointment towards the process that we are in now. I think these group of people, they doesnt really know about what DDK management have been up to so far, yet they complained. From what i understand, everything has been made clear in white paper. I think most of them decided not to read about it or only read halfway through. So i think it would probably best if the DDK team just ignore these kinds of ignorance issues and just keep continue what y’all have been doing. Keep up the hard work!

Christopel rimual bagariang · November 26, 2018 at 1:45 pm

Thank a lot for this clear information, i by my self and all of my team in medan indonesia 100% support this bright ddk platform and all effort which was doinh by management, CEO, FOUNDER and all team, and we are praying you all may keep in health and this process will done by God wishes.

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