We are pleased to announce that the DDK Whitepaper is now available in Malay Language. This translation has been uploaded in order to help Malay understanding people in knowing more deeper about the DDK platform. It’s all about bridging the gaps and overcoming the barriers of language towards effective dispensing of knowledge in certain communities. You can read our Whitepaper in Malay right here..

The new translation of the DDK Whitepaper came from the result of participation of a DDK Community member that interested to join our Bounty Program. We encourage more people to come up with such productive efforts of contributing to the DDK community and earning rewards from Bounty Program.

Translation and Moderation is one of the categories of DDK Bounty Program which allows users to translate DDK Whitepaper in their language and earn attractive rewards. The Translation and Moderation category of our Bounty Program is not limited to the whitepaper but even extends to translating DDK announcements and marketing materials released by the DDK Management.

If you are interested but uncertain about how to join the DDK Bounty Program and get exciting rewards, here is a guide for you.


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