Dear Trusted Delegates & Stakeholders,

Please note that we will start to implement the progress of KAFKA integration and deployment together with SOFT-FORK. Thus, regarding the planning and procedure for the updates, here we would like to clarify further as below schedule:

Based on the schedule provided, we have started to open and allow for testing on the KAFKA Implementations by this week, P2P functions (to all Stakeholders) within week 1 of November, Multiple Nodes installation (by batches) on week 2 of November, Multiple Nodes synchronization, Staking rewards distributions, Global Exchanges integration, Fraction less than 1 DDK distributions from Pre-Order ETPS and Pending GB distribution in DDK DPOS Platform.

Therefore, during this period as mentioned in the timeline above, there are Stakeholders who have voted for the 3rd times AND IF it’s happened the multiple nodes is not finalized in Main-Net yet for your 4th times voting, please do not panic and understand the procedure as you need to wait for the Multiple Node to be ready. This is because, after we have discussed with the group of developers, decision have been made that Staking Rewards Distribution could only be recognized in Multiple Nodes. In fact, each rewards distribution MUST be distributed in Multiple Nodes in order to ensure recognition of the DDK Stake Smart Contract must be streamline with the KAFKA Implementations and distribute on top of multiple node across the network. During this period, you are highly encourage to view at this link to see the transaction being done successfully for monitoring:

Moreover, when Multiple Nodes is ready and Stakeholders start to be receiving their Staking rewards DDK Management MUST ensure that every Stakeholders should exchange their DDK coins in Global Exchangers registered in Coin Market Cap (CMC). As per current planning, DDK Stakeholders allowable global exchange is SIMEX. Please MAKE SURE that you have registered and verified accounts with this Global Exchange. You may liquidate your DDK coins based on the fees and services provided by SIMEX.

On the other hand, there will be also the distribution of the Fraction which is less than 1 DDK from ETPS platform migrated to DDK Platform will be auto-scripted to your stipulated WALLET ADDRESS that you have received your passphrase. Please be reminded that ETPS account which registered and activated after January 2018 will be imposed for this mechanism (Auto-Script). Other than that, entire fraction be done manually by DDK Finance from the compilation of the email sent to us before 20th October 2018 that we received from and

On the additional note, entire Stakeholders need to aware that tomorrow, 31st October 2018 (Wednesday) there will be deployment of KAFKA Implementations in MAIN-NET DDK PLATFORM. For the exact time will be announced in our official FORUM channel. Moreover due to the deployment in Main-Net for a real-time transaction Peer-To-Peer (P2P) function to entire Stakeholders is allowable, please be reminded that DDK Developers will continuously monitor and keep automatic snapshot time 30 minutes if Blockchain re-building or any error involved. When its running in Main-Net, Blockchain will never stop creating ‘Blocks’ however as the Stakeholders and users please aware that this is the mechanism that we must implement during this Main-Net testing period. Hope this clarifies you.

Therefore, our final data migration is related to PENDING GB into DDK Platform. Please be reminded that when this is implemented, you may start to withdraw with the requirements provided in DDK DPOS Platform. Please always keep posted in our official DDK Forums and official Blogs for any latest announcements and directions. You are now holding your asset in Blockchain and the mechanism of implementing DPOS Protocol need to be understand by Stakeholders for you to ensure that this project will be done smoothly. Challenges and difficulties that we faced throughout the journey of the migration phase has nearly come to the end. We are committed to ensure that this project will be 100% decentralized and every Stakeholders may enjoy the benefits in a Global Scale platform as your supports towards us since Pre/Private ICOs platform.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Have a Good Day!

-DDK Management

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