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DDK Management would like to reiterate entire users regarding the Delegates mechanism in DDK DPOS Platform. Due to the current situation of the status of Public Delegates (IPD) established within our community, we have been clearly announced that the ONLY mechanism that is available as per current is through Trusted Delegates (TDs). ( “DDK Management DO NOT endorsed any of the Public Delegates during this GENESIS BLOCK PERIOD who claimed that they are engaging with DDK Management since we have well mentioned that we only honour the position of Trusted Delegates as the early Block Producer. Other members in the community from the Pre-ICOs project, will remain as the Stakeholders

Therefore, the correct parties or entities that you have to communicate related to DDK DPOS Platform, MUST go through to the Trusted Delegates officially appointed by DDK Management under the company of SWAP CHAIN PTE LTD (Singapore Based).  In addition, every appointed TDs possess a certificate signed by Founder and CEO of the project. Any dealings and businesses connected to TDs, you must require TDs to present their certificate for the confirmation of the appointment. This is because along the process, there are TDs were not performing and did not manage to fulfil their responsibilities and task stated in the agreement, thus their position is terminated. However, DDK Management will continuously update the Stakeholders on the updated listing of the DDK TDs in our official DDKoin forum –

Furthermore, any misinterpretations being done by other parties will not be liable to DDK Management since we have clearly mentioned that ONLY TDs and official channel of communications related to DDK DPOS project you may refer with. Worst case scenarios, kindly refer directly with the DDK Management team stated in our official website – whereby you may contact them directly in the official forum.

On the other hand, we have been receiving complaints with evidence from the stakeholders that there are centralized activities going on from IPD that required money collections for banking transactions to certain accounts (IPD Bank Accounts under their entities) for below circumstances:

  1. Placement for Delegates in DDK Platform
  2. Registrations of Delegates in DDK Platform (10 DDK)
  3. Server Maintenance for Delegates DDK Platform
  4. Buying of DDK Liquid
  5. Selling of DDK Contracts
  6. Other irrelevant transactions related to DDK Platform

Here we firmly would like to inform entire Stakeholders done any transactions or businesses related to DDK Platform and DDKoin/s with IPD which associated to money deposit taking is NOT under our authorities and jurisdictions. This project direction is very clear whereby we are focusing on OPEN SOURCE project with the customization/modifications of the DPOS platform due to the Stakeholders are historically from the huge database of Private/Pre-ICOs project from ETPS Platform. Thus, when those activities keep on jeopardizing our reputations and misleading this project smooth operations and impacted to Trusted Delegates status, we need to take a serious action against IPD. On a transparent note, we have sent Letter of Demand (LOD) from DDK Management Legal side in order to protect this project. Any Stakeholders who have dealings with IPD, again with this clarifications it is under your own risk. Any other businesses holding by IPD is not our direction and it is not related to any of partnerships related to DDK Management and team and any of our collaborations. We do not encourage our Stakeholders to involve in any businesses related to money game and Multi-Level Marketing that lead to scam. We continuously advise and consult our Trusted Delegates in any businesses that TDs wanted to involve to ensure that when TDs promoting to DDK Stakeholders it will NOT jeopardize the company reputations and project branding as well as the Stakeholders money management. Our vision by establishing the DDK Project is to ensure that entire Stakeholders have a clear education and awareness related to Fin-Tech ecosystem and Crypto Currencies businesses by utilizing our products.

Furthermore, we do not allow any other parties to do money collections by using our branding of this project and we sternly would like to protect this project from misinterpreted by the Stakeholders with the existence of IPD. Based on the professional legal opinion, here our justifications towards above mentioned activities:

Firstly there is no mechanism of PUBLIC DELEGATES at this moment, and DDK Management never promise of any placement on DELEGATES in DDK Platform towards PUBLIC DELEGATES at any time. Thus, by paying to a party who manage the Public Delegates with uncertainties of the Delegates status is misleading towards the Stakeholders.

Secondly, registration of the Delegates of 10 DDK (Amounting to +-200 USD / MYR1000 = MYR 10,000) is not applicable at this moment as the DELEGATES REGISTRATION function is disable and we are implementing Master-Node (1st Nodes) and entering the Multiple-Nodes by Trusted Delegates Mechanism. Thus, by paying to a party who manage the registration with uncertainties of the Delegates status is misleading towards the Stakeholders.

Thirdly, monthly rental or maintenance of server is not applicable as we are moving towards a decentralized platform. When there are parties who are taking advantage with the intention to manage delegates servers using DDK DPOS platform making it centralized in nature is misleading of the project direction. This is because DDK Management highly encourage on delegates to take care of their own servers in order to make sure that the idea of decentralization and distributed platform will be implemented smoothly for entire Stakeholders database and security. We does not encourage any centralized platform, centralized directions and centralized businesses to be implemented towards our Stakeholders.

Fourthly, money deposit taking of promising/arrangements DDK Liquid available in the market is misleading towards the project direction. This is because, DDK Management have announced that there are only limited supply of the DDK Liquid amount through Trusted Delegates were provided from DDK Management. This was taken under the Global Exchanger allocations on the initial phase implementations for the ease of the voting fees for entire Stakeholders. Thus, paying to a party who will mislead the Stakeholders by promising that DDK liquid is available in the market according to their deposited amount which is more than circulated within the market is illegal money deposit taking.

In fact, DDK Management highly encourage Stakeholders to do transactions using Global Exchangers. We also will not engage with any private/centralized exchangers and ONLY Global/Public Exchangers that listing in Coin-Market Cap is applicable for our Stakeholders – DDK Platform APIs (Application Program Interface) and listing of our price/value is ONLY applicable legally in Global Exchangers due to the fact that we want the volume and transaction is globally weighted and not centralized. Moreover, other than activities mentioned above Stakeholders MUST be always go through Trusted Delegates for the correct information and the exact direction of this project as the Stakeholders. Any updates and official announcement will be given from our official platform (Website, Medial Social – Telegram & Facebook, Forum or whatsapp group manage by Trusted Delegates).

As a conclusion, kindly do any action to protect your personal financial management and please be informed that you have the rights on your assets that have been fully migrated to Blockchain (DDK DPOS Platform). Therefore, please enhance your knowledge and get proper education about this project from the official channel mentioned above which have been provided by DDK Management. We do not want any of our beloved Stakeholders being manipulated by any parties who would like to take advantage during this development of the platform. This is because we are looking on the bright side of the project, and we are waiting for so long from our Road Map that DDK Management would like to ensure every Stakeholders especially our community from Private/Pre-ICOs project will always be benefited from the Platform that we have created from the Blockchain Technology regardless of any countries, people, cultures and religion.

DDK Management will continuously do the best for the interest of our Stakeholders and pay attention to the consensus majority voices and opinions, that is why we have come to this phase created DPOS Platform which believe in the idea of CONSENSUS MAJORITY DECISION. Although, we are facing the hard situations, however DDK Management always find the best solutions for the majority in order for you to benefit from the Platform. As we are going to be the 1st and the most huge volume and big potential in the crypto world history of DPOS having 180,000 users from the beginning of the project implementations, thus, we appreciate your understanding and patient towards the project direction.                                                                                                   


 Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

 Have a Good Day!


-DDK Management-

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The best and fare solution.

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